A True Princess of Hawaiʻi

Kirkus Reviews - December 2016

History mixes with folklore in this story of the Mauna Loa volcano.

connywithay - February 2017

This book is a fictional tale of a historical princess, goddess named Pele, compassionate young girl, and a volcano. I like that the underlying lesson learned is about the girl who freely offers an old lady and horse her candy and the princess part of her clothing. I found the informational data at the back of the book for older readers the most interesting. Any child will enjoy looking at the colorful pictures with plenty of details while understanding mighty volcanoes.

How Useful It IS - February 2017

I really like the illustrations of the town and its people. I have lived in a village where I walked bare feet when I was younger. It brought back happy memories. I also like the story of the real princess at the end of the book because I have never heard of her before. The added reminders about visiting Hawaii at the end of the book is a plus.