For Individuals

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For Parents, Teachers, and Individuals

Be a friend to Arbordale Publishing and earn 10% online store credit on all future online sales made by your friends who:

  • Click through from the link sent to them in your email
  • Sign-Up for an online account, and then
  • Purchase from our online store

If you love our books and our mission of bringing Science and Math to Children through Literature, we really appreciate your interest and your support. We have set-up this Referral Rewards Program so that you can personally benefit from helping us spread the word. All you do is Sign-Up or if already a customer Log-In and go to your MyAccounts page. There you will see a link to our Arbordale Homepage similar to the sample link shown below.

The link has a unique code (shown as xxxx in the sample above) that identifies you as the person referring a prospective new customer. Send an e-mail telling your friends, family and colleagues exactly what you think of us and our books, and encourage them to check out Arbordale by clicking on your link. Either use the link directly or you can hyperlink it to a "click here" or a "Check out Arbordale" type comment. Or here are a couple of images you can copy and paste into your email and then hyperlink the Referral Rewards link to the image.

Click here to go to and explore their wonderful books and educational resources. School Resource Grants available for eBook Site License... Amazing!                 Click here to go to and explore their wonderful books and educational resources. School Resource Grants available for eBook Site License... Amazing!

The link takes them to our homepage where they can peruse the site and make up their own minds. If they click on your link and choose to "Sign-Up", they are then electronically tagged as having been referred by you. Anytime they come back and purchase from our website, you earn reward credits. They never have to enter any codes. To view your earned rewards, simply visit your MyAccounts page to see every referred transaction and its corresponding rewards. Earned rewards are calculated at 10% of all future sales from individuals you sent the referral link to. It is easy and quick and automatic!

Here is an example of how the program works...

If 4 of your friends have used your link, logged in as a new customer (customer type must be individual) and purchased $300 worth of combined sales, you would have $30 (10% of $300) showing as earned Referral rewards credits towards your next online store purchase.

You can easily keep track of your earnings just by logging on to your My Accounts page, where each purchase is shown with date, sales amount and your earnings (at 10%).



If you would like to help us spread the word and participate in our Referral Rewards Program for Individuals, please click on the Sign-up button below. There you'll need to Sign-Up for an online account. Then go to your My Account page and you'll see the Referral Rewards information, and links for forwarding to your friends.

Click here to go to Arbordale's Sign-Up page.

If you have any questions or would like help setting up the Referral Rewards, please call or email.

612 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite A2
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

843-971-2600 (off), 877-243-3457 (toll free), 843-216-3804 (fax)

Science and Math through Literature

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