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With one click, these interactive eBooks read aloud to the children and page-flip from beginning of story to the end. Put a child in front of this Site License, with iPad or computer, and they will "play" for hours on end reading and listening to wonderful, award-winning picture books. We encourage teachers and parents to then take that reading excitement and discuss with the children the 4-6 page For Creative Minds educational section found in the back of each book. Then, go to the book homepages where you will find 40-60 pages of cross-curricular Teaching Activities plus 3 Interactive Reading Comprehension and Math Quizzes. We want each book to engender a love of reading but we also want parents and teachers to realize that each is offered up as a teaching moment for comprehensive science, math, language arts, geography, and language learning.
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Click here for a 30-day free trial. Unlimited access on all building computers, place on website, and send desktop icon home to the families.
99 eBooks

eBooks feature Auto-Flip, Read-to-me, and selectable English and Spanish text and audio!!

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  Multi-Year Access Options
  1 yr: $500
  2 yr: $850
  3 yr: $1150
  4 yr: $1400
  5 yr: $1600
  Life: $2250

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  • Unlimited school-wide & public library access. **We encourage schools to send the Fun eReader home with the children
  • Use on all building computers, ipads, and your websites.
  • One-click, easy access with desktop icons andClick here to get navigation buttons for linking to your eBook Site License and see Password Protect optionsfor websites & servers:.
  • Keep track of Click here to enter site code and view usage statistics for school and district level. at school and district level and now with optional student login and district usage data tracking. Now with quiz results!!.
  • Click to view eBook Operating Guide in pdf format. Shows how to switch back and forth between auto and manual modes, how to page flip in manual mode, change languages, play audio, and quick navigate.

** "All-Title Set" Special**

Purchase one hardcover "All-Title Set" ($1084 for 99 books) or two paperback "All-Title Sets"
($1206 for 99 titles, 180 books) and get a FREE, 1-year Fun eReader access for your school or public library (Buy Now).

Hardcover + Site License: 1-yr: $1084, 2-yr: $1434, 3-yr: $1734, 4-yr: $1984, 5-yr: $2184, Life: $2834

Paperback + Site License: 1-yr: $1206, 2-yr: $1556, 3-yr: $1856, 4-yr: $2106, 5-yr: $2306, Life: $2956

** Many school and library distributors carry the Arbordale All-Title Sets and if your school or library
purchases one from any US or Canadian distributor, we are pleased to extend this Free eBook Site License
offer and our bundling discounts with proof of purchase.

** Multi-School Pricing for District Buys


1. Fun eReader Site Licensing for Schools               Public Library Pricing info
View set details (Titles & ISBN)

We offer school Site Licenses by the SET (pre-defined by subject or reading level) or by the TITLE (you choose the titles). Whichever you prefer, our pricing schedules (shown below) reflect discounts for both Title Quantity and Number of Years:

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Multi-School and Multi-Year Pricing
Click here for more information on our single user site license (aka Personal eLibrary)

If site licensing seems too hard, too expensive, or you just want to try it for a year or two for a single user / classroom, try our regular Fun eReader for individuals (functionally equivalent to the school licensed version and previously referred to as our Personal eLibrary). Can be used in a single classroom on computers / smartboards but is not to be shared outside the one classroom or by the families at home. Access is by a single user email address and password..

1-yr: $70, 2-yr: $100, 3-yr: $120

4-yr: $140, 5-yr: $160, Life: $180


2. Fun eReader licensing for Public Library access

Library pricing is by the branch as shown in the table below. Download the printable Library Order Form


Our books are also available in various downloadable formats (pdf & epub) through Overdrive, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett, Mackin, Net Library, and Mobipocket but these formats do not include read-aloud and language selection features that we offer. Our subscription / web-based eBooks use flash technology and we also offer a free (non-flash) iPad App with identical features. Features include embedded audio so that in Auto-Flip Mode, pages flip themselves and read-aloud is locked to page. In manual mode, a separate MP3 player appears allowing children to play and hear a continuous reading not locked to page and they have to manually flip the pages to keep up (or pause the audio). And, with a single click in either mode, the language text and audio change instantly.

** Lifetime means forever. If we should ever cease operation as a company or discontinue our site licenses, we agree to send your school or public library the eBooks in both English and Spanish versions in ePub/PDF format and we will also include the mp3 audio for each eBook.

For all building PC and MAC computers and to send home to the school children's families for use on their home computers, we recommend the easy desktop icon (from our set-up email) which similarly provides one-click access with no login.


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