Fall 2014 - 9 new titles
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Animal Eyes Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers Animal Partners

Written by Mary Holland

Written by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Written by Scotti Cohn
Illustrated by Shennen Bersani


Even powerful birds of prey can get sick or hurt. When that happens, animal helpers at raptor centers come to the rescue! Dedicated staff treats injured, sick, and orphaned animals. They return the birds to their native environment or find forever homes at education and raptor centers for those that can’t survive in the wild. Follow along in this photographic journal as staff and volunteers come together to care for these remarkable birds.

Some animals live in groups of the same kind and some animals form unique partnerships with different species. From the “crocodile’s dentist,” to the “mongoose spa,” Animal Partners takes a whimsical look at symbiotic relationships of animals large and small. After all, don’t we all need a little help from our friends?

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Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book Dino Treasures

The Ghost of Donley Farm

Written by Katharine Hall

Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Written by Jaime Gardener Johnson
Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

There are many different kinds of clouds all around us. Clouds come in diverse shapes and colors. Some clouds are fluffy and others are wispy.  Some clouds float high in the sky and others sit low on the ground. Some clouds warn of storms and other clouds tell of fair weather.  Compare and contrast the characteristics of different types of clouds through vibrant photographs.

Just as some people dig and look for pirate treasure, some scientists dig and look for treasures, too. These treasures may not be gold or jewels but fossils. Following in the footsteps of Dino Tracks, this sequel takes young readers into the field with paleontologists as they uncover treasured clues left by dinosaurs. Readers will follow what and how scientists have learned about dinosaurs: what they ate; how they raised their young; how they slept, fought, or even if they ever got sick. True to fashion, the tale is told through a rhythmic, fun read-aloud that can even be sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Rebecca, the red-tailed hawk, is not afraid of ghosts! One night she bravely ventures into the barn to meet the famous ghost of Donley Farm. But when she finally meets him, Rebecca is surprised to discover that this “ghost” is much more familiar than she’d expected.  Join Rebecca as she stays up late to talk with her new friend and find out what they have in common and how they are different.

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Little Gray's Great Migration

A Compare and Contrast Book

Written by Marta Lindsey
Illustrated by Andrea Gabriel

Written by Katharine Hall  

Little Gray loved his lagoon and the humans who came to visit him there. One day, Mama announces that they must swim north to a far-away sea. At first he is sad to leave his home, but Little Gray soon realizes the importance of their journey.  What happens along the way and how does Little Gray help his mother? Swim along with Little Gray as he finds the way to this special, food-filled sea.

Trees grow in many habitats, all around the world. Some trees are short and some are tall. Some grow in hot deserts and others grow on cold mountains. Some have leaves that are broad and wide and others are short and narrow. Some trees stay green all year round while others have leaves that change color. Compare and contrast the different characteristics of trees through vibrant photographs.  
  Spring 2015  
# Titles Author Illustrator
108 Achoo! Why Pollen Counts Shennen Bersani  
109 Animal Mouths Mary Holland  
110 Amphibians and Reptiles: Katharine Hall  
111 Fibonacci Zoo Tom Robinson Christina Wald
112 Hot Desert, Cold Desert: Katharine Hall  
113 This Land is Your Land Catherine Ciocchi Cathy Morrison
114 Wandering Woolly Andrea Gabriel  
Fall 2015  
# Titles Author Illustrator
118 The Sparrow and the Trees Sharon Chriscoe  
Sounds of the Savanna
Terry Catasús Jennings  
Tortoise and Hare's Amazing Race
Marianne Berkes  


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