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Plan special celebrations using this calendar filled with unique days and activities. This month is: national preparedness month, childhood cancer awareness month and library card sign-up month.

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National Wildlife Day



Read a Book Day


Labor Day


International Literacy Day

9 10 11 12


Grandparent's Day



Hispanic Heritage Month begins


Collect Rocks Day




Talk Like a Pirate Day



World Gratitude Day



Autumnal Equinox



Native American Day


National Estuaries Day



29 30      


Books and Activities for Special Days

Labor Day
This is the celebration of hard work and each individual’s contribution. To commemorate this day we have a party, so kick back and relax, but first learn more about why we celebrate this holiday here!

National Wildlife Day
Almost all Arbordale books feature wildlife; today is a perfect day to read a favorite title. Here are a few suggested series that may even inspire a trip to see wildlife in person Animal Helpers, A Day in the…, What’s New.

Read a book day
Check out or free eBook of the month, or buy a new book from the Arbordale collection. This is also a great day to get your library card and join local celebrations of books!

International Literacy Day
Here are a few tips to keep kids reading, or develop good reading habits early.

Hispanic Heritage Month Begins
Celebrate Hispanic culture and traditions from today through October 15th, read more about this month here. Or…check out Arbordale’s Fun eReader for Spanish reading, and even make tortillas with Burro’s Tortillas!

Collect Rocks Day
Julie the Rockhound can tell one type of rock from another, can you? Here are great activities from the For Creative Minds section to begin identifying the rocks in your yard!

Talk like a Pirate Day:
What can we say, this is just fun! Practice your Arrr’s and check out some pirate history before the big day.

World Gratitude Day
Gratitude is important, today is the perfect day to “pay it forward” or volunteer your time to express your gratitude for what you have and help those less fortunate.

Autumnal Equinox
It is official, fall is here! Today day and night are about equal length, but soon the days will be shorter, and leaves begin to fall. Count Down to Fall is the perfect book for young ones to learn more about the fall season.

Native American Day
An incredibly important part of the American culture and history celebrate by learning about storytelling traditions and read First Fire: A Cherokee Folktale.

National Estuaries day
Help protect these marine habitats, click here for a few ways to participate.




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