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Alignment to Standards for FL

1 SS.1.G.1.4 Identify a variety of physical features using a map and globe.
2 SC.2.E.7.1 Compare and describe changing patterns in nature that repeat themselves, such as weather conditions including temperature and precipitation, day to day and season to season.
2 SC.2.L.17.2 living things are found all over Earth, but each is only able to live in habitats that meet its basic needs.
2 SS.2.A.3.1 Identify terms and designations of time sequence.
2 SS.2.G.1.1 Use different types of maps to identify map elements.
3 SC.3.E.5.2 Identify the Sun as a star that emits energy; some of it in the form of light.
3 SC.3.E.5.3 Recognize that the Sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to Earth.
3 SS.3.G.2.4 Describe the physical features of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
3 SS.3.G.3.1 climate and vegetation in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
5 SC.5.E.7.5 some of the weather-related differences, such as temperature and humidity, are found among different environments, such as swamps, deserts, and mountains.
5 SC.5.E.7.6 characteristics (temperature and precipitation) of different climate zones as they relate to latitude, elevation, and proximity to bodies of water.
K SC.K.E.5.2 Recognize the repeating pattern of day and night.
K SC.K.E.5.3 Recognize that the Sun can only be seen in the daytime.
K SC.K.E.5.4 Observe that sometimes the Moon can be seen at night and sometimes during the day.
K SC.K.L.14.3 Observe plants and animals, describe how they are alike and how they are different in the way they look and in the things they do.
K SS.K.G.1.2 Explain that maps and globes help to locate different places and that globes are a model of the Earth.
K SS.K.G.1.3 Identify cardinal directions (north, south, east, west).
K SS.K.G.1.4 Differentiate land and water features on simple maps and globes.
K SS.K.G.3.1 Identify basic landforms.

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