Alignment to Standards for FL

2 SC.2.E.7.1 Compare and describe changing patterns in nature that repeat themselves, such as weather conditions including temperature and precipitation, day to day and season to season.
4 SC.4.E.5.4 Relate that the rotation of Earth (day and night) and apparent movements of the Sun, Moon, and stars are connected.
5 SC.5.E.5.1 Recognize that a galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars, including any objects orbiting the stars. Identify our home galaxy as the Milky Way.
5 SC.5.E.5.3 Distinguish among the following objects of the Solar System -- Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets -- and identify Earths position in it.
K SC.K.E.5.2 Recognize the repeating pattern of day and night.
K SC.K.E.5.5 Observe that things can be big and things can be small as seen from Earth.
K SC.K.E.5.6 Observe that some objects are far away and some are nearby as seen from Earth.

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