Baby Owl's Rescue
Join young Maddie and Max in Baby Owl's Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis. The brother and sister pair just wanted to play baseball one day. They never expected to come face-to-face with a wild animal! Lush illustrations by Laura Jacques accompany this story and demonstrate the proper treatment of wildlife. This story reminds all of us that we live in a world surrounded by wild animals, and those wild animals deserve our caution and our respect!
Written by Jennifer Keats Curtis
Illustrated by Laura Jacques
32 pg, 10 x 8.5, Ages 4-8, Grades KP-3
Lexile: AD 900, AR: 4.0, RC: 5.2, F&P: M
Hardcover ISBN: 9781934359952, $16.95
Paperback ISBN: 9781607186106, $9.95
Educator Keywords:   Great Horned Owl, helping animals, enviornmental education, life cycle, adaptations
Animals in the book:   great horned owl
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“Baby Owl's Rescue wins the heart of children, respect of teachers, and my approval for accuracy and the author's presentation of facts and wildlife rescue strategies.” – Epinions

“This book is definitely worth reading, if not owning, especially if you have children who are outdoor-lovers and who might be tempted to bring Mother Nature home to you upon finding it!” – Katie’s Literature Lounge

“Sylvan Dell has another great hit on its hands. This is a wonderful story, but also a perfect, much-needed contribution to nature reading for kids.”- The Reading Tub

Author/Illustrator Info:

Award-winning nature author Jennifer Keats Curtis is frequently found among students and teachers, talking about literacy and conservation. In addition to Kali's Story, the Animal Helpers series, Baby Owl’s Rescue, and Turtles In My Sandbox for Arbordale, some of her other recent titles include Seahorses, Osprey Adventure and Saving Squeak: The Otter Tale. Jennifer resides in Maryland with her family and a wide variety of pets. Visit her website at

Award-winning illustrator Laura Jacques is passionate about illustrating children's books that focus on natural history, wildlife, and environmental awareness for children. In addition to illustrating The Most Dangerous, Baby Owl’s Rescue and Whistling Wings for Arbordale, she has also illustrated For the Birds: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson, Squirrel Assist, At Home in the Rain Forest, and Wildlife Refuge: A Classroom Adventure. Her books have won several honors and awards, including "NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children" sponsored by the Children's Book Council and the "KIND Children's Book Award" sponsored by the Association for Humane and Environmental Education, a division of the Humane Society of the United States. For more information, visit Laura’s website:


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