ABC Safari
Let's search for adventure above in the sky. We'll scout through the mountains and hills, and then try exploring the forests, the meadows and plains, across the dry desert and through jungle rains. We'll trek through a swamp, a puddle, a pond, in lakes and the river, the ocean beyond. But, what are we looking for? Who will we see? Find animals on this Safari with me! Once you've discovered all the animals, turn to the "For Creative Minds" educational section for sorting cards and animal fun facts.

Written by Karen Jones (Lee)
Illustrated by Karen Jones (Lee)

32 pg, 10 x 8.5, Ages 3-7, Grades P-3
Lexile: AD 860, AR: 5.0, RC: 5.2, F&P: M
Hardcover 9780977742301 $15.95  
Paperback 9780977742363 $8.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781628553673 $9.95  
EBook 9781607182610 $6.95  
Spanish EBook 9781628550924 $6.95  
Keywords:   animal alphabet, habitats, adaptations, life science, animal classification, carnivore/omnivore/herbivore
Animals in the book:   alligator, beaver, cheetah, dolphin, elephant, frog, gorilla, hippopotamus, iguana, jackrabbit, koala, lion, manatee, newt, owl, penguin, quail, rhinoceros, sea lion, tiger, urial, vulture, wolf, x-ray fish, yak, zebra
Vetters:   Thanks to Ron Fricke, Vice President of Education at the Philadelphia Zoo, for verifying the accuracy of the information in this book.

“ABC Safari is a winner. The musical rhymes and vibrant illustrations make this book so fun you barely notice it's educational, too.’” - The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“This excellent read-aloud for the pre-K through primary audience is richer than the usual ABC book. Karen Lee, both illustrator and author, is not afraid to use a varied and interesting vocabulary.” - NSTA Recommends

“This is a great way to learn the alphabet and gain a love for reading!”- Wee One's Magazine

Educator Keywords: animal alphabet, habitats, adaptations, life science, animal classification, carnivore / omnivore / herbivore

Author/Illustrator Info:

Award-winning illustrator Karen Jones began her career as a storyboard artist and editorial illustrator but it wasn't until she had children of her own that she discovered her true artistic passion: children's illustration. In addition to Midnight Madness at the Zoo, Karen has illustrated One Odd Day, My Even Day and My Half Day for Arbordale. She has also written and illustrated ABC Safari. Karen and her family live outside of Raleigh, NC. Karen's children join her on many research trips to museums, zoos and aquariums-a tough job, but someone has to do it! Visit Karen's website.


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