Multiply on the Fly
From pirate bugs to spittlebugs to lovely Luna moths, children will love learning about the world’s insects in Multiply on the Fly! Following in the footsteps of What’s New at the Zoo? and What’s the Difference, this rhythmic book teaches multiplication in a way that will make children “bug” you for more. Teeming with fun facts, readers will multiply a variety of insects, including daring dragonflies, hungry honeybees, and stealthy walking sticks. The “For Creative Minds” section in the back of the book keeps the fun rolling with facts about the insect life cycle, matching insect activities, and multiplication guides to make anyone a multiplication master.

Written by Suzanne Slade
Illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

32 pg, 10 x 8.5, Ages 4-8, Grades PK-4
Lexile: AD 580, AR: 2.1, RC: 2.3P, F&P: N
Hardcover 9781607181286 $16.95  
Paperback 9781607181385 $8.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781628554144 $9.95  
EBook 9781607183075 $6.95  
Spanish EBook 9781628551396 $6.95  
Keywords:   rhyme, multiplication, insects, math, life science, metamorphosis, life cycles, compare and contrast, Basic Math Operations Series
Animals in the book:   firefly, grasshopper, luna moth, dragonfly, ant, honey bee, ladybug, pirate bug, walking stick, butterfly, spittlebug
Vetters:   Thanks to the following people for verifying the accuracy of the insect information in this book: Dr. John Stoffolano, Professor, Department of Plant, Soil & Insect Sciences, University of Massachusetts, and Developer of the University's online Bug Net; and Faith Deering, Museum Educator, Historic Deerfield Museum. And thanks to Dr. Astrida Cirulis, Professor of Mathematics at Concordia University Chicago, and President of Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators for reviewing the math-related information in the book.

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"With a rhythm and rhyme that never falter, Slade offers readers insect-themed word problems: “Four hungry honey bees / dance a buggy beat— / tappin’ with six furry legs. / How many dancing feet? / 4 x 6 = ?” The 11 multiplication facts, seemingly randomly chosen, each include one of the numbers from one to 11. Hunter, with specialties in entomological and botanical illustration, truly makes the text come alive. Her insects are realistically detailed and seem ready to crawl right out of the pages. Backmatter includes extensive information and questions to help readers learn more about insects. A final page provides a multiplication table as well as a breakdown of each problem from the text."

"With beautiful illustrations, a rhyming story, as well as an almost “singable” plot, this book allows children to not only learn math, but also makes them WANT to learn math."
-Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"My son seems to have the ability to think in numbers. Even though he's only 4 1/2 he picked up on the concept of this book very quickly and with some careful thinking was able to answer some of the multiplication problems on his own. I think this is definitely a book we can still grow into. It's a fun way to learn. Mommy and Daddy liked this one very much."
-Reading to Know

Author/Illustrator Info:

Suzanne Slade is the award-winning author of over 80 books for children including The Great Divide, Multiply on the Fly, What’s the Difference?, What’s New at the Zoo?, and Animals are Sleeping for Arbordale. Her works include picture books, biographies, and many non-fiction titles about animals, sports, and nature. One of her favorite parts of the writing process is researching and learning new things. Suzanne lives near Chicago with her husband Mike, two children, and their tiny dog Corduroy. She enjoys visiting schools in-person or during her live virtual author visits. Visit Suzanne's Website

As both a children’s book and scientific illustrator, Erin Hunter specializes in entomological and botanical illustrations. She illustrated The Great Divide, Multiply on the Fly, and A Day on the Mountain for Arbordale, and she has taught botanical illustration and field sketching at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Erin’s portfolio includes print and online design projects for clients ranging from marketing firms to culinary groups to educational organizations—and she’s drawn insects under a microscope for the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. Erin lives with her husband on California’s Monterey Peninsula. When she’s not sketching and painting, she tends to flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables in her backyard garden. Visit Erin's website.


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