Primate School

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Primate School
Gorillas using iPads, lemurs finger painting, squirrel monkeys popping bubbles . . . these primates are pretty smart! Could you make the grade in Primate School? Learn how diverse the primate family is, and some of the ways humans are teaching new skills to their primate cousins. Author Jennifer Keats Curtis is once again working with organizations across the country to share fun facts about primates through this photo journal.

This nonfiction picture book with a cuddle factor includes a 4-page For Creative Minds section in the back of the book and a 82-page cross-curricular Teaching Activity Guide online. Primate School is vetted by experts and designed to encourage parental engagement. Its extensive back matter helps teachers with time-saving lesson ideas, provides extensions for science, math, and social studies units, and uses inquiry-based learning to help build critical thinking skills in young readers. The Spanish translation supports ELL and dual-language programs. The interactive ebook reads aloud in both English and Spanish with word highlighting and audio speed control to promote oral language skills, fluency, pronunciation, text engagement, and reading comprehension.

Written by Jennifer Keats Curtis
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 4-8, Grades K-3, Lexile: 670, AR: 3.9, F&P: O
Hardcover 9781628555554 $17.95  
Paperback 9781628555646 $9.95  
EBook 9781628556001 $12.99  
Spanish Paperback 9781628555738 $9.95  
Spanish EBook 9781628556094 $12.99  
Keywords:   animal classification, environmental education, primates, tools and technology, zoos, endangered species
Animals in the book:   Allen’s swamp monkey, blue-eyed lemur, Bornean orangutan, chimpanzee, François’ langur, golden lion tamarin, hamadryas baboon, howler monkey, red ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, siamang, Sumatran orangutan, western lowland gorilla, white-cheeked gibbon, and squirrel monkey.
Vetters:   Thanks to the following organizations for their photographs and knowledge: Lincoln Park Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Oakland Zoo, Orangutan Outreach, Zoo Atlanta.


I believe students at this age and K-3 grade level will find the photographs captivating while also learning from the text. After all, what young child doesn't love monkeys and apes? - NSTA Recommends

Readers will find interesting facts on thirty-two large pages that are filled with engaging color photos that show ways humans are teaching new skills to their primary cousins in a zoo school. - Children's Literature

What makes this book fun is not only the different types of primates, but also the informational data at the back of the book for older readers regarding primates' lives and activities. - Book Pleasures

Author/Illustrator Info:

Award-winning nature author Jennifer Keats Curtis is frequently found among students and teachers, talking about literacy and conservation. She is the author of more than a dozen books about wildlife rescue, animal care in captivity, and citizen science.In addition to The Lizard Lady and Maggie: Alaska's Last Elephant, Jennifer has written After A While Crocodile: Alexa’s Diary, The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire, the Animal Helpers series, Baby Owl’s Rescue, Kali’s Story (Children’s Choice Book Award 2015), Salamander Season, Primate School, and Turtles In My Sandbox for Arbordale. She lives in Maryland with her family and a wide variety of pets. Visit her website at


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