Turtle Summer: A Journal for my Daughter
This is a companion book to Mary Alice Monroe's novel, Swimming Lessons, the sequel to The Beach House. In the novel, the readers witness a young mother, Toy, writing a journal for her daughter, Little Lovie. This is the journal Toy is writing. Using original photographs, this scrapbook journal explains the nesting cycle of sea turtles and the natural life along the southeastern coast, including local shore birds, shells, and the sea turtle hospital. Adults and children will enjoy the images, information and the journal with or without the novel.

Written by Mary Alice Monroe
Illustrated by Barbara J. Bergwerf

32 pg, 10 x 8.5, Ages 5-9, Grades K-4
Lexile: - 780, AR: 4.5, RC: 3.9, F&P: O
Hardcover 9780977742356 $16.95  
Paperback 9781607185833 $9.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781628553680 $9.95  
EBook 9781607182627 $6.95  
Spanish EBook 9781628550931 $6.95  
Keywords:   seasons, loggerhead sea turtles, life cycles, helping animals, environmental education, seasons, life science, sea turtle life cycle, nature journal
Animals in the book:   American oyster catcher, black skimmers, clam, jack knife clam, knobbed whelk, loggerhead sea turtle, moon snail, mussel snail, pelican, ring billed gull, royal tern, sand dollar, sanderlings, sea star
Vetters:   Thanks to Barbara Schroeder of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service - Office of Protected Resources for verifying the accuracy of the information in this book. And thanks to the educators and husbandry staff at the South Carolina Aquarium for identifying all the shells, birds, and plants found throughout this book.

"The story's presentation (with the interaction between a mother and daughter as they share the turtle encounter) will draw readers into the experience, encourage turtle habitat preservation, and increase awareness of the plight of the sea turtle." – NSTA Recommends

"Snapshots, calendars, seashells, flowers, and illustrations frame the poignant text in this telling of the tale of the loggerhead sea turtle. The author weaves text as though wielding a paint brush to canvas. This book has an endearing quality that will make it a favorite with children and adults." – Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

"This is a splendid mixture of photos, drawing, and text. Children, ages 4 – 9 will relate to this book and its activities, hopefully clamoring to create a similar journal with their siblings and parents." – Midwest Book Review

Author/Illustrator Info:

Mary Alice Monroe is the New York Times bestselling author of The Beach House, Swimming Lessons, Beach House Memories, Skyward, Sweetgrass, Time is a River, Last Light Over Carolina, and The Butterfly’s Daughter among other novels. Her first children’s book, Turtle Summer: A Journal for my Daughter (ASPCA Henry Bergh award-winner) was released to great acclaim in 2007 as a picture book companion to her adult novel, Swimming Lessons. A Butterfly Called Hope is her second children’s photographic book and is the result of her monarch-raising research for The Butterfly’s Daughter. Mary Alice is currently working on a trilogy of novels about dolphins. Look for a third children’s book to accompany that series. Visit Mary Alice's Website

Barbara J. Bergwerf photo journals her nature-related volunteer involvement at the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital, the Island Turtle Team on Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island, and the South Carolina Center for Birds of Prey. She’s collaborated with best-selling novelist Mary Alice Monroe to share butterfly and loggerhead sea turtle photos with children through A Butterfly Called Hope and the award-winning Turtle Summer: A Journal for my Daughter. Her incredible photos also grace the award-winning children’s book, Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! Barbara thought that she was retiring when she and her husband moved to the South Carolina Lowcountry. Somehow retirement doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary! Visit Barbara's website.


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