It's a Jungle Out There

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Fun eReader® is a very special collection of digital picture books.

- 154 dual-language, STEM-themed, interactive ebooks that read aloud in English and Spanish

- Some with Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, German, and French

- Word highlighting and audio speed control improve reading skills and enhance language learning

- Animal sounds and single word audio on tap

- For Creative Minds, teaching activities, and interactive quizzes to enhance comprehension

Additional Pricing Options

For individuals, families, and teachers * (single classroom) the Personal eLibrary is perfect for you. Here is the pricing for a All-Title Set subscription with 154 ebooks (each with Spanish translation).

Monthly 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr Lifetime
$9.99 $99 $189 $269 $349
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* If you need access in multiple classrooms and to share with families at home, learn more about our Site License for schools and Public Libraries that offers simultaneous access on unlimited devices.

** Single eBooks and sets by reading level or educational interest are available on the ebook store (shop now).