What is a Site License?

Buying a site license gives your district, school or public library access to the entire digital Arbordale book collection with simultaneous access for all classrooms and homes. The easy access options and the iPad and Android apps make reading on any devices a breeze.

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Fun eReader®

Simultaneous Access
English and Spanish
Audio with Speed Control
Word Highlighting
Standards Alignment
Teaching Activities
Quizzes and Open Ended Questions

Fun and learning all in one!

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Pricing and Specials

For a year, or a lifetime, Arbordale has many pricing options for the Fun eReader. Below are some of our options, if you don't see the perfect fit here call (843) 971-6722 or email our education programs department.

Multi-Year Access Options

1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years Lifetime
$500 $850 $1,150 $1,400 $1,600 $2,250

**The pricing above is based on a single school access. District and state pricing for multiple schools will include discounts not shown here please Contact us for a custom price quote.

***Single eBooks and sets by reading level or educational interest are available as well. visit our Sets by Language Arts, Math and Science Page for more information about these options.

All Title Special

With the purchase of a complete set of Arbordale books with 140 titles, get 40% off on the books and two-year subscription to the Fun eReader Free!

hardcovers: $1,460

paperbacks: $810

Spanish paperbacks: $840

I am a school librarian trying to setup Fun eReader for the first time. What do I really need to do with this long setup email?

The key to success is making access easy for teachers and the families at home. Schools that do all 8 steps below tend to see big usage and those that do not, do not.
Step 1 - click on the Access Link and set your school password
Step 2 - bookmark the Access Link on school computers
Step 3 - put the eBook Access Link on your school website
Step 4 - for iPad & Android devices, download the App and sign-in
Step 5 - test access from Arbordale's eBook Access portal
Step 6 - set your building IP address(es) so no password required in the school. Use the "Set IP" link in your setup email (para 4)
Step 7 - MOST IMPORTANT: send email/letter home to the families explaining home access. Sample letter is in the setup email.
Step 8 - Schedule a training webinar for your teachers.