What Reviewers are Saying About And That's the Tooth

School Library Journal - August 2020

The photographs are a highlight. Many of them catch the animals mid-yawn, in the middle of taking a bite, or grinning to expose their pearly whites. The text also features a diagram of the human mouth to explore different types of teeth (such as incisor and molar) and an explanation of the connection between an animal’s diet and its teeth. Although the book doesn’t explore the specifics of dental hygiene, it can be used as a jumping-off point to discuss the importance of caring for one’s chompers with young children. VERDICT Wildlife lovers will delight in this lively exploration of animal enamels.
Alyssa Annico, Youngstown State Univ., OH

Kirkus Reviews - May 2020

The book matter-of-factly introduces information about 11 land and sea animals as well as a human representative, a young child with Asian features. Backmatter defines herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores along with a short guessing game about these categories and presents a diagram of the human mouth with descriptions of its teeth. The full-color stock photos vary in quality. A useful title on a kid-friendly topic.

Heck of a Bunch - October 2020

A book that's both informative and interesting, And That's The Tooth asks kids to guess animals based upon clues. For instance, kids learn that a horse's teeth take up more space in their head than their brain. The realistic visuals of the animals and creatures featured in this book make it even more engaging.