Animal Ears

Science Books & Films - July/August, 2018

This book talks about how a wide variety of animals hear, using nice large, clear photographs of a wide variety of species, from frogs to snakes to insects to birds and beavers. I was very happy to see such a wide variety of animals pictured. There is a lot of interesting information and probing questions within...This will be a good read-aloud book to pre-K through second grade, and a good read-to-self book for second through fourth graders. My second-grade son said, “I liked the beginning, middle, and ending, and I learned a lot of interesting facts!” —Erika Iyengar, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

School Library Journal - February 2017

Holland's nature photography shines once again. Big images (taking up almost an entire spread) of animals and their respective ears introduce curious youngsters to how this organ keeps the featured reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds, and mammals alive. The photo of an owl's ear is particularly captivating...

Kirkus Reviews - December 2017

The gorgeous close-up photography that occupies two-thirds of every double-page spread is the big draw, though readers will still wish that some came with arrows pointing out the ears. Children who are paying attention will immediately ask a question after reading or hearing the first sentence, and adult partners will want to be prepared, especially since the answer is a bit complicated: “Most animals have ears”; which do not is the obvious question. Las orejas de los animales, a Spanish-language companion, publishes simultaneously.

School Library Connection - July 2018

Full of fun information and facts, this book has also has a few extras; including a website where Common Core teacher can find lesson plans, activities, and quizzes. The genuine photos in this book are a wonderful delight to readers of any level, depicting and describing each animal and insect in their natural habitat.

Learning Magazine - July 2018

Hearing is an important sense for animals’ survival. Ears give animals vital information to help them find food or listen for predators. This book features animal ears in all shapes and sizes and explains how animals use them.

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books and Media

The author brings it all back in the end to human ears and how we might use them. Extension information and activities are included in the appendix. This is a nice basic introduction with an attractive format.

Midwest Book Review - July 2018

Very highly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library Pets/Wildlife picture book collections

Goodreads Reviews - February 2018

The text is engaging, lively, and informative, and young readers will surely want to know even more about ears, especially since the book concludes with the photograph of a child alongside the question about what sounds the reader might have heard today. I like having that question posed since it encourages readers to be quiet and listen for a few moments.

Our Everyday Harvest - March 2018

...The author was sure to include plenty of different animals to show how each one is unique in the way that they hear or pickup on sound. As I had briefly mentioned above, we love the breathtaking animal photos. The text is also rather large, which is nice for younger readers. After reading this, we can't wait to pick up more of the author's additional books in the Animal Anatomy and Adaptation series, perhaps Animal Eyes can also be added to our five senses unit study.

Heck of a Bunch - March 2018

With beautiful realistic pictures of different animal species, this book shows the way many animals use their ears. It's interesting and educational.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - April 2018

Animal Ears is a fantastic nonfiction book full of photographs of you guessed it…animals ears. From reptiles and mammals to insects and birds readers get to learn about a wide variety of ears in the animal kingdom. The photographs are amazing took look at and are Lil Sis’ favorite part of this book. Even adults can learn a thing or two from this book!

Archimedes Notebook - August 3, 2018

What I like about this book, besides the wonderful photos, is the back matter. There's an ear matching game, more information on how ears hear, and deeper insights into things ears are used for (not just hearing!).

M. G. Paregian - July 2019

Here is an entire book just on the ears of animals. And what a book! Another amazing job by Mary Holland and Arbordale Publishing. Did the reader know that snakes have their ears completely inside of their heads? Also, snakes receive most of their information by feeling ground vibrations with their jaw or their belly.

Page after fascinating page is complete with data and information regarding the ears of these important animals and creatures.