Animal Skins

Kirkus Reviews - May 2019

As in the whole Animal Anatomy and Adaptations series, the close-ups of the creatures are the big draw. Highlights are the frog peeking out of the water and the close-up of a fluffed-up bluejay amid falling snow. Backmatter includes some matching activities and more information. A solid addition to the series and a great compare/contrast exercise for classrooms.

School Library Journal - July 2019

Skins, feathers, scales, hair, fur, and wings are all included in this wide-ranging look at the outer coverings of living things. Some pages focus on a class of creature: "Instead of hairs, birds have feathers. Feathers do lots of thingsā€”help a bird fly, attract a mate and keep warm." Other pages highlight a particular species. Full-page photos, some double-spread, accompany each topic. The crisp photos show great detail, not only of each animal's outer covering but also its face and eyes. Some pages have overlaid text, but generally, the text is on plain white pages facing the appropriate photo. The same size font is used throughout the book and is presented simply, without boxes or inserts. Back matter includes four pages of related learning activities and additional information.

Book Pleasures by Conny Withay - September 2019

What makes this book fun is not only the full-page, full-color photographs and explanation of skin coverings but also the informational data at the end for older readers. A child will enjoy viewing the animals and insects that show the skin and skin covering differences between species.