What Reviewers are Saying About Animal Tracks and Traces

Booklist - January 2019

Not a field guide but a general introduction to noticing tracks as well as traces such as scat and empty nests, this picture book could help make kids more aware of the animals around them.

School Library Journal - February 2020

[T]his title works as an engaging introduction to identifying animal traces. VERDICT Solid topic choice with visual appeal.—Steven Engelfried, Wilsonville Public Library

School Library Connection - August, 2020

Students will enjoy learning how to become animal detectives, and they will be excited to go outdoors and search for animal tracks and traces in their own backyards and neighborhoods. This title also prepares students to participate in a class-wide nature walk or hike around campus.
Anne Bozievich RECOMMENDED

Kirkus Reviews - November 2019

Holland focuses on helping children both notice evidence of animals’ activities and learn a bit about the animal based on that evidence. Spot a track in mud or snow? Count the number of toes to get a clue as to who made it, and the toes will point in the direction of travel. Vertical grooves in the bark of a tree may indicate that moose have been feeding there. You can identify an animal by its “poop,” or “scat,” and many use “pee” to mark their territory. You may be able to spot animals’ homes—beaver lodges and birds’ nests. Holland’s photos are, once again, a highlight...Readers will want to head directly out to search for clues.

Reviews by Rachel - March 2020

Author and nature photographer, Mary Holland, has a wonderful book available this month through Arbordale Publishing. It teaches young readers about the many ways we can tell what animals have been in our path.”Animal Tracks and Traces” is filled with gorgeous close up pictures of many animals found in North America. In the book you will learn where to find tracks and traces and find out how to tell what animal might have been there. Find out about scat, scents, rubbings, trails, homes and more in this informative publication. Available in English and Spanish.

Seattle Book Review - April 2020

All the well-written text is accompanied by beautiful, full-color photographs of the animals and close-up photos of the tracks and traces that the animals leave behind. Back matter includes several pages of excellent teaching materials with quizzes and further information about specific animals. This is a book little ones will want to read over and over, studying the beautiful photographs and learning more with each reading. This is a winner.

Midwest Book Review - April 2020

Animals are all around us. While we may not often see them, we can see signs that they have been there. Some signs might be simple footprints in snow or mud (tracks) and other signs include chewed or scratched bark, homes or even poop and pee (traces). Children will become animal detectives after learning how to read the animal signs left all around. Smart detectives can even figure out what the animals were doing! The perfect sequel to Mary Hollands "Animal Anatomy and Adaptations" series, "Animals Tracks and Traces" is an impressively illustrated and informative picture book for children ages 5-8 that is unreservedly recommended for elementary school and community library Pets/Wildlife collections.

Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center - May 2020

Verdict: Readers will want to head directly outside. This book set complements a nature, ecosystem, animal unit. I look forward to adding it to our classroom library.