Baby Bear's Adoption

Kirkus Reviews - June 2018

This real-life program is presented fictionally, through the point of view of a presumably adopted child. A boy named Braden narrates as he and his sister, Finley, accompany their father in his work as a wildlife biologist with this program. First they collar a mother bear so they can track and find her if and when they find an orphaned cub. Braden and Finley hold her cubs while their father and other adults collar her. When an orphaned cub is located later, they accompany their father again to track the sow and trick her into accepting the baby as her own.

Midwest Book Review - January 2019

"Baby Bear's Adoption" is a fiction story about an orphan baby bear cub who was adopted by a mother bear with the help of wildlife biologists in Michigan. It is based on a real program and real incidents. The process is extremely interesting, and does not hurt any of the bears or people. An interesting side story in "Baby Bear's Adoption" is uncovered by observing that Braden, the older brother, is Afro American, while Finley appears to be Asian in descent. So both the siblings would also appear to be adopted, just like the baby bear cub. Like all Arbordale biology education titles, "Baby Bear's Adoption" contains added educational activity pages titled For Creative Minds, Black Bear Life Cycle, Stages of Bear Hibernation, Q & a With Bear Biologist Mark Boersen, and Furry Fun Facts. "Baby Bear's Adoption" is a fascinating bear cub rescue story based on events in a real life program in Michigan.

Capital Gazette - November 2018

The fictional story is based on orphaned black bear cub rescue efforts by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The story is narrated in first-person by Braden, a young boy hiking into the forest with his sister Finley, and their wildlife scientist father.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - October 2018

Baby Bear’s Adoption is a fictional story about helping get an orphaned baby bear cub to be adopted by a Mama Bear and her two cubs. I had no idea how that process worked until I read this book and it is fascinating! All the facts are accurate but it is blended with a fictional story that children will enjoy. Wildlife scientists sure do have interesting jobs!

Heck of a Bunch - October 2018

The ensuing story tells of how the cub is rescued and becomes adopted by the mother bear they had encountered earlier that winter. It's an interesting story, told in first-person form, of one of the many benefits of tracking bears. If your child is even the least interested in bears, they'll definitely be interested in this book!

Teachers, Librarians, and Readers from Goodreads

I had no idea that coating a bear in jelly and making sure the rest of the cubs smelled the same would fool a mother bear. Young readers will enjoy this unique glimpse into a part of nature that most of them never see. The illustrations showcase the sense of wonder and appreciation evoked in the youngsters as they learn more about bears. —Barbara

I love how my students will learn about bears and the work of real scientists in Michigan, readers will love this story from an author who cares deeply about animal conservation and connecting kids with careers in science and with making a difference! —Theresa

My class and I just finished reading Baby Bear’s Adoption and the realistic fiction “comes to life” in this story. After reading it to my 2nd grade class they learned so much about bears and they remembered the facts. This story about a father, who is a wildlife scientist, and his two children go on a little adventure to help a bear cub that was lost from its mother (Sow). The students were able to relate to the characters and they wished they were there. Many of them wanted to be the ones to keep the baby bears warm. The illustrations and the information about baby bears will stay with them for a while. Our class loved it! —Debra, second grade teacher

Jennifer Keats Curtis does it again! Baby Bear's Adoption is a beautiful story about survival, risk, and caring for others. This story provides a beautiful scientific understanding of how biologist risk their lives to save animals in the wild. It provides and sense of understanding and appreciation for how and why biologists work together to save orphaned bear cubs and keep track of bear families. The story is followed by several pages of information, including graphics on Black Bears, and a Q&A with the biologist featured in the story. Elementary students will appreciate this book during ELA or Science class as it’s the perfect marriage of narrative and information surrounded by amazing images and graphics. —Amy Siracusano, Literacy Integration Learning Specialist

CLEAR Library Reviews - February 2019

The story is based on an orphaned black bear cub rescue efforts by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. I would recommend this for any collection looking for stories about bears, rescue and wildlife. The illustrations are life like and help to make the story flow.

M. G. Paregian - March 2019

This is the story version of a real-life program. "Wildlife biologists in Michigan tag and track mama bears so that when they find an orphaned cub, they can place him or her with an adoptive family." This is an amazing and fascinating task. There is more excitement as the children approach a big hole with dead limbs, and skinny twigs. This is another outdoor adventure that the children enjoy. there is a "Furry Fun Facts" chart in the back.

Reviews by Rachel - July 2019

When a mysterious walk in the winter leads to a bear den Braden and Finley’s Dad shows them what sometimes happens to orphaned bear cubs. Read along as the kids watch their biologist father and his team work out “Baby Bear’s Adoption”. The story is a fictional account of real life situations.