Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book

Kirkus Reviews - July 2014

"Seven sentences are split among 14 spreads, each highlighting a single aspect of clouds and featuring gorgeous photographs of skies...A "For Creative Minds" section in the backmatter allows kids to explore the water cycle with some hands-on activities that demonstrate evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Another spread encourages children to learn the four different categories of clouds (and what weather each predicts) and test their understanding with a matching activity."

Horn Book guide - April 2015

Paired with photos, simple, unscientific phrases compare clouds: "Some clouds swirl; / and others blanket the sky." While the limited large-print text seems suited for the very young, the additional information at book's end naming cloud types (e.g., stratus, cumulonimbus), explaining water cycle stages, and suggesting experiments is more appropriate for older readers.

Library Media Connection - March 2015

In this series, Katharine Hall focuses on different topics. She introduces each book with full-sized colorful photographs. A new fact is given with each turn of the page. Meanwhile, the reader will be captivated by the stunning scenery. These informational books are very detailed and descriptive, yet they are also easy to read and make learning fun and interesting. Four additional pages are included at the end of each book for enrichment. Students will be delighted to read these books as well as become intrigued to learn more about science.
-Cristina Elopre Vera, Library Science Graduate Student, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, RECOMMENDED

Midwest Book Review-March 2015

"Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book is an easy reader picturebook featuring captivating photography of the different types of clouds that can appear in the sky. "Some clouds are colorful. / Others are dark with rain. / Storm clouds tell us a storm is coming; / or that a storm has passed." Enhancing the book is a four-page "For Creative Minds" section at the end, featuring more extensive information about the different types of clouds, simple water cycles experiments, and more. As educational as it is beautiful, cloudss makes an excellent giftbook for inquisitive young minds.

Reader's Haven Reviews - March 2015

"This is a lovely picture book filled with photographs of the variety of clouds. Each cloud and picture spread has a single sentence giving a single statement about the type of cloud depicted.

Heck of a bunch - February 2015

"With realistic photos and simple wording, Clouds sharpens kids' minds with the different kinds of clouds there are and how they can look in various weather situations. This is a brisk read filled with beautiful photos. The "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book further expands on teachings of clouds with defining what clouds are and how they can be used to predict weather. There's also instructions for water cycle experiments and a cloud matching game."

Outnumbered 3 to 1-March 2015

This book is full of very cool pictures of clouds and my 3 year old really likes this book. It is neat to see how different clouds can look all in one book directly written for children.

Sally's Bookshelf - March 2015

This book is filled with photos of clouds - perfect for browsing, and comparing different kinds of clouds. The language is simple enough that young readers can peruse it themselves. At the back are two hands-on experiments about precipitation, a cloud-matching game, and a handy guide to predicting the weather from the clouds.

So Cal City Kids - June 2015

"I really loved the beautiful photographs in this book! It’s a simple read and great for beginner readers. I recommend for grades K-3."

Bookloons - December 2015

"Beside making the young reader more aware of changes in cloud formations and what that may indicate, the book also includes a few simple hands-on activities to engage the child. As a starting place this inexpensive paperback will make your little weatherperson more aware of cloud formations and what they might mean about changes in the weather."

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books - September 2016

What this book has to recommend it are the photographs. The double-paged spreads are filled with gorgeous clouds of all varieties. On the picture is a single line of text describing the clouds. "Some clouds are colorful" for example. The pictures are extraordinary and compelling.