Dino Treasures

Kirkus Reviews - July 2014

"The author of Dino Tracks (2013) adopts a broader purview, introducing in verse 13 things we can infer about dinosaurs from fossil and other evidence.
Donald also describes the fossilized contents of "Dino Poop" and dino stomachs ("What's For Dinner"), preserved hints about skin and coloration, sounds possibly produced by the hollow crests of duck-billed species and like topics. The poems, arranged in no apparent order, end with a mention of modern birds—followed by expansive notes (in prose) and a page of study questions. Morrison adds both helpful visual detail and plenty of action with facing views of crumpled fossils and reconstructed prehistoric scenes featuring toothy predators and heavily armored plant eaters in loud, mottled colors."

Midwest Book Review-March 2015

"Dino Treasures is a rhyming children's picturebook about what the science of paleontology has discovered about dinosaurs. From ancient dinosaur diets, to a preserved fossil showing a dinosaur that slept with its head tucked under its wing (just like birds today), to evidence of dinosaur headbutting, Dino Treasures is as fascinating as it is fun. The last four pages offer additional fascinating facts and suggested activities for creative minds. Dino Treasures is a wonderful way to encourage young people to learn more about science and natural history, and is enthusiastically recommended for public and school library collections."

Tundraco: A Resource Guide for Rockhounds - July 2015

"Despite being extinct for millions of years, dinosaurs hold a unique place in the imagination of people of all ages, and they pose many questions for scientists. From the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex to the long necked, plant eating Miragaia, we know a lot about these fascinating creatures, but there is still much left to learn about them. In Dino Treasures, author Rhonda Lucas Donald explores the world of paleontology by describing dinosaur's fossilized and trace remains and what scientists have learned from them. Written for young readers, the information in this book is presented in a rhyme-like meter that is both fun to read to yourself, and out loud. Some of the information covered in this book include ranges from dinosaur facts, such as how we can tell what dinosaurs ate by examining their poop, to making educated guesses about how they lived from the fossilized that have been uncovered. Donald also discusses the difference between fossilized and trace remains, and how modern birds are the descendants of the ancient dinosaurs. The text in this 32-page children's picture book is accompanied by detailed and colorful illustrations by Cathy Morrison. Many of these illustrations would make wonderful posters! In addition to illustrations of what the dinosaurs mentioned are believed to have looked like, many of the illustrations also show what the fossilized remains of dinosaurs look like. From beginning to end, Dino Treasures is not only a fun book to read, but it is also a highly educational book - just don't mention that fact to reluctant readers. Tell them it is a book about dinosaurs and they will devour it - educational bits and all."

Heck of a Bunch-February 2015

"Youngsters interested in dinosaurs will relish in the illustrations and stories of creatures past in the book Dino Treasures. The words are in cadence, making the story even more fun. Fossils, dung, and tracks have helped scientists become versed on how dinosaurs lived, ate, fought, and more. This book shows how scientists have discovered the ways of the now extinct animals and what they've learned from them. The "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book explains the difference between a biologist and a paleontologist. There's also an extensive section on how fossils have given clues of physical proof of dinosaurs' existence.

Reader's Haven Reviews-April 2015

"The illustrations are striking and interesting. The artist has taken an imaginative tour of prehistoric time and fleshed it out. Perhaps too much liberty for a line of books such as Arbordale which tends to educate as well as entertain. I really like the illustrations but consider them flights of one's imagination."

The author has taken the findings of archaeological discoveries and attempted to translate them for the mind of the young child. Children do seem to be fascinated with dinosaurs and this book will certain feed that imagination.

So Cal City Kids - August 2015

"First of all, I love how this one can be sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider. It is really fun for young children! As usual, with all the books that can be found at Arbordale Publishing- it is very educational and will make learning about fossils that dinosaurs left behind, a lot of fun! For Creative Minds teaches about Biologists and Paleontologists and perfect for Science in K-3."