Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal

School Library Journal - August 2017

The importance of protecting animals like Honey Girl and making sure their environment is safe is conveyed through text and the well-lit illustrations. The care the scientists take in helping Honey Girl is evident, and young readers will be able to find out more through the informative back matter, which describes the life cycle of Hawaiian monk seals and details conservation efforts to save them. VERDICT An important book to place in the hands of all future conservationists. Highly recommended.-Selenia Paz, Helen Hall Library, League City, TX

Kirkus Reviews - December 2016

Honey Girl is well-known in her habitat of the waters off northern Oahu...this very personal story should engage animal-loving readers.

Horn Book Guide - October 2017

A monk seal got a fishhook caught in her mouth and almost starved. Rehabilitated by a team of scientists, "Honey Girl" was released back into Hawaiian waters. Readers will cheer Honey Girl's recovery and birth of healthy pups into the endangered population.

Science Books & Films - November 2017

The narrative describes how the seal was injured by a fishhook in her cheek and a badly cut and infected tongue damaged by a fishing line. The reader follows the description of how the seal was rescued, treated by veterinarians, taught how to eat with only half a tongue, and then finally released back into the ocean. Since she was tagged, it was possible to track her life after her release. The book includes a map showing her travels around Oahu after her release. (17) The map was drawn by the illustrator. All the artwork in this book is outstanding. The drawings are beautifully rendered. Also, it should be noted that in preparation, the artist "...flew to Oahu to visit the habitats of 'Honey Girl.'"

The Old Schoolhouse - July 2017

Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal, by Jeanne Walker Harvey, is a wonderfully touching story about a Hawaiian monk seal rescue and rehabilitation. Monk seals are endangered of becoming extinct; they are not seen often on the island because of the low number. Honey Girl, however is a frequent visitor to the North Shore of Oahu. One day she was found injured and near death from starvation. This book recounts her rescue, how they helped her, and what has become of her since. It’s a great story, with a happy ending.

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books - Fall 2017

This is a sweet, true storyby Jeanne Walker Harvey with warm realistic illustrations by Shennen Bersani. Maps, as well as additional information about monk seals, conservation, and rehabilitation are included. This is excellent narrative nonfiction that would also make a good read-aloud.

Library Reads Review

A wonderful true story of Honey Girl, a Hawaiian seal who was injured by a fish hook and line, rescued, and helped to return to her home in the sea. Monitoring showed that the rescue was a success. There are plenty of pictures, and lots of information about sea mammals to interest any animal-loving child.

This is a true story about a monk seal I think grade schoolers will enjoy. Info also on Monk Seals.

Conny Withay - February 2017

What makes this book fun is not only the charming story about an injured seal that is taken care of by people, but it also explains the characteristics of a monk seal. I enjoyed the information on their weight, length, and fur while also describing what it eats and where it lives. The illustrations are descriptive and engaging to hold the attention of the age group.

How Useful it is - February 2017

It’s the first time that my son learned about animal doctor, Veterinarian. I’m happy that he gets to learn that there are scientists out there rescuing injured animals. I’m also happy that he is exposed to endangered animals at a young age...This book deserve multiple readings and I highly recommend all parents to read for their kids!

The Fairview Review - February 2017

The themes of conservation, protection of endangered wildlife, and man's impact on the environment are present in the book, but they are more of a subtext and do not detract from the main events. Everyone's efforts to save Honey Girl - the surfers who first reported sighting her in danger, the marine mammal experts who found her, those who were part of the teams that provided health care and rehabilitation - are all included in the narrative.

Word Spelunking - February 2017

Jeanne Walker Harvey's non-fiction picture book, Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal, is a sweet and heartwarming tale about one special monk seal that will intrigue and inspire young readers. Through straight forward and child friendly text, Jeanne Walker Harvey tells Honey Girl's unforgettable story.

It's Fundamental - March 2017

This book was a fascinating look at wild animal rescue and conservation, and also taught important lessons about preserving endangered species. As we head into spring, this book is the perfect read for Earth Day. The book includes lots of additional information about Hawaiian Monk Seals, making it the perfect jumping off point for a unit study.

LitPick - March 2017

Honey Girl is a true story that brought back memories of oil spills and fishing disasters in oceans around the world that harmed so many sea creatures. Honey Girl's tale made me smile, as her own personality shone through the writing. How the book was written was very much directed toward a younger audience, but I didn't mind. The message of saving lives and love was appropriate for all ages. The ending was sweet and heartwarming, something I'm sure anyone who reads this book will enjoy.
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I thought the story itself was one of hope, strength, and love. It made me so much more thankful for all of the animal rescue teams that spend hours, days, even months nursing a hurt sea animal back to heath. The sea wouldn't be as beautiful without them.

Shooting Stars Mag - March 2017

The story is a fairly simple read, but there are a lot of details included. It's definitely a great way to learn about Hawaiian monk seals and even a little about the state of Hawaii. The back of the book even includes some extra facts and references for the curious child - or adult! I do enjoy these additions to books because I often finish a book wondering more about what I learned within.

Lille Punkin' - March 2017

This true story has so many elements that families will enjoy, including learning about the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, understanding how important it is to keep our natural surroundings clean and free from dangers to wildlife, and how we can have a big impact on our world! It is written for kids ages 5-8, but anyone will love the story!

A Dream Within A Dream - March 2017

One of the best qualities of the book is the fact that the story is true. I think it helps the reader to realize that the problems Honey Girl faces in the book are happening to seals in real life too. That goes hand in hand with the educational aspects of the story, which comes across as interesting and fun - not dry and boring. The book contains full illustration that coincides with the story as it unfolds and helps to bring Honey Girl and her tale to life for the reader. This is a great book and the fact that it is true and educational on top of being a sweet story gives it a whole new level that usually isn't present in picture books. I definitely recommend this one for young kids who can't read, beginning readers who are learning to read as well as those who enjoy a nice story with learning built in.

Wannabe Super Hero Mom - March 2017

The book is delightful . I love how it is of a true story of Honey Girl the Hawaiian monk Seal . The illustrations are amazing and you feel like you are right there.

Icefairy's Treasure Chest - March 2017

Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal makes a great book to start with if you would like to cultivate your kiddo's love for endangered animals.

The Heart of a Child - March 2017

It’s a great book for teachers to use with classes studying endangered animals. The end of the book provides a great resource for classroom use. There is an abundance of information about Hawaiian monk seals. These tidbits will fill in any missing gaps a reader has while reading about these seals. This is an inspiring story about hope for the future.

Crafty Moms Share - March 2017

I truly enjoyed this book and loved learning about Honey Girl as well as all Hawaiian monk seals. I love these type of books that tell the story of one and give information about the species. Plus it is about a Hawaiian animal and I love learning about Hawaii!! I can recommend this book to anyone who loves animals, Hawaii or just learning. It is perfect to use in a homeschool or classroom setting as well. I hope you will check out this fun and amazing book!

J.R.'s book Review - March 2017

This is a wonderful children’s story about a seal named Honey Girl and her recovery after she been injuried by a fishook. The book is wonderfully illustarted and draws you into the scenery of the hawaiian islands. The book is based on a true story and provides not only a good story for the kids to follow but includes facts to answer questions they may have about monk seals and hawaii.

The Children's Book Review - March 2017

Harvey’s well-researched facts—verified by experts—are giftwrapped with skilled storytelling. She balances the serene and picturesque qualities that many associate with Hawaii and marine life, with the dangerous reality that marine life often face despite their beautiful surroundings. Her writing will appeal to the science-minded as well as those interested in a simply fascinating story. Award-winning illustrator Shennen Bersani’s beautiful artwork embodies tranquility and has a photographic quality that lends itself well to the text.

Inspired by Savannah - March 2017

Fans of marine mammals will love, as well as those who love to learn about animals. So, if you are looking for a fun book to share with your child, which is also a true story, why not consider picking up a copy of Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal, which is now available in both digital and print copy.

Kids Book Buzz - May 2017

Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an amazing book. I had never heard of a Hawaiian monk seal before, and I learned so much about them. The pages at the back of the book teach even more about Hawaiian monk seals. I loved the illustrations; they show how beautiful Hawaii is and what a Hawaiian monk seal looks like. This book reminds me of visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where scientists help sea creatures from Florida. I saw them helping a sea turtle in their hospital who had swallowed fishing line. I would recommend this book to kids who like learning about animals.
-Jewel, Age 9

Monk Seal Mania - April 2017

Jeanne wrote a wonderful story about our beloved R5AY. Honey Girl The Hawaiian Monk Seal!

Unleashing Readers - April 2017

Honey Girl is a mother, a survivor, a symbol of hope, and a miracle of science. Jeanne Walker Harvey did a fabulous job not only developing Honey Girl’s character and developing her story but intertwining all of that with scientific undertones. She brings to the forefront issues of endangered species, humans effects on animals, and the importance of conservation scientists. All of this mixed with the colorful illustrations and amazing setting gives us such a beautiful picture picture.

The Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books

This is a sweet, true story by Jeanne Walker Harvey with warm realistic illustrations by Shennen Bersani. Maps, as well as additional information about monk seals, conservation, and rehabilitation are included. This is excellent narrative nonfiction that would also make a good read-aloud.

Ithaca Child Magazine - October 2017

This book details the rescue of Honey Girl, and her return to Turtle Bay. Scientists put a tracking device on her back so readers get to follow her journey after her release, and get a glimpse into the life of a monk seal. Back matter includes information on the life cycle of the seals, as well as more seal facts. Did you know that they eat up to 32 pounds of food a day? There's also more information on seal conservation, plus the fun of learning some Hawaiian words as one reads along.

Texas Kitchen and Garden and More - November 2017

Author, Jeanne Walker Harvey tells the story of Honey Girl, one of Oahu’s favorite animal friends. Readers will follow along with Honey Girl as she finds danger and love of friends and family. Fun, colorful illustrations by Shennen Bersani bring the book to life. Creative Mind section at the back of the book lets students learn more exciting facts about Hawaiian Monk Seals. Still want more? Check out the Online Teaching Activity Guide where you will find 26 more pages to keep young minds active.

Delta Education, The Resource Roundup - March 2018

Both young and older students will appreciate this true story of Honey Girl, the Hawaiian Monk Seal who lives on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Beautiful drawings and text tell the story of how this beloved mother seal, called "Super Mom", becomes injured by a fishing hook...The book will inspire and encourage readers to protect animals, especially those endangered or threatened, and to recognize their importance to all life on this planet. Teachers and parents will appreciate the resources provided to delve more into Hawaiian Monk Seal life cycle, conservation, and rescue and rehabilitation.