What Reviewers are Saying About I am Hatzegopteryx

School Library Journal - November 2021

The second book in the “I Am Prehistoric” series has all the high action appeal that beginning readers who are enthralled by dinosaurs will love...Though sentences are all three words long, they feature unusual but highly effective verbs not often seen in this format...Back matter provides more information that can make this text very useful for the classroom. Fascinating and informative. VERDICT A standout addition to the nonfiction section for dinosaurs, and a welcome choice for emergent readers who like dinosaur action. –John Scott, Baltimore County P.S.

Kirkus Reviews - August 2021

Accompanying Bradley’s mostly monosyllabic narrative, which begins with “I can hatch” and proceeds from there, his speculative paleo-portraits go for the gusto. They track an outsized predator with an even more outsized crest decked out in dazzling black and orange as it swoops over a rocky coastline or stilts its way through swamp and woodland to snatch up prey and (bloodlessly) gobble it down. Even a pair of velociraptors in one scene look justly cowed, and, particularly after a melodramatic view looking down at a hapless airborne lizard about to vanish into a wide-open maw, readers may greet the final “I am extinct” with a sigh of relief...It’s a bit thin in the particulars, but no one’s going to look at the art just once.