Night Creepers

Kirkus Reviews - June 2017

The book works equally well for lap-sitters and older children since these rhyming verses accompany longer paragraphs about each species, here red foxes, gray wolves, bats (it appears to be a lesser long-nosed bat), and flying squirrels, respectively. Others include skunks, opossums, bullfrogs, fireflies, raccoons, owls (a barn owl is pictured), bobcats, and white-tail deer.

Midwest Book Review - October 2017

"Night Creepers" is a beautifully illustrated, natural nocturnal animals litany presented in a sleepy succession of poetry -illuminated portraits with additional animal facts in sidebars on each page. Children will love being prepared for their sleeping time while learning about these species of nocturnal animals..."Night Creepers" is highly recommended for children age 3 and up.

San Francisco Book Review - January 2018

This picture book is really written at two levels. Author Linda Stanek has short lines on each spread that rhyme. This is perfect for the very youngest of listeners who will love the charming poem that is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Shennen Bersani. The colors are subtle and there are wonderful details on every page that will fascinate every youngster spending time with the book. On each spread there is also a sidebar with plenty of facts about each animal. This is the second level and will be of real interest to young elementary students. The information is well researched and the writing is clear and concise. The structure of this book makes it perfect for siblings a few years apart in age to read together. In addition, there is some good back matter for further learning. This book will be a welcome addition to any family or school library.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - October 2017

An explanatory book about nocturnal animals, Night Creepers gives brief explanations on their behaviors, patterns, sounds, and where they live. For instance, children will learn that bobcats are solitary animals that live alone and that the howls of gray wolves can be heard miles away. Skunks live mostly in North America, while white-tailed deer live from southern Canada to northern South America. Well-drawn illustrations of the animals round out this factual and interesting book.

Texas Kitchen - October 2017

This is a book about the many fascinating creatures one would find at night on a walk through the woods. Lots of interesting facts about each animal including what they eat, how and where they live, and the many noises they make are found throughout the book. Incorporate a little zoology and environmental knowledge into your child’s bedtime story, with “Night Creepers”, by Linda Stanek. Shennen Bersani has filled the book with lovely illustrations of each animal.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews - October 2017

This additional information makes Night Creepers an excellent book for school projects on animal behavior. As well, it is also a lovely bedtime story with its short, rhyming text.

Views by Kelly - October 2017

What a terrific book for young children! It is filled with information about all sorts of night creatures. With gorgeous colors and interesting facts, it is sure to capture the imagination. I enjoyed reading along with my daughter and looking at all the adorable pictures. There is even further learning opportunities available online. I think this is a wonderful, educational book!

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - October 2017

We are a nature loving family so Lil Sis loves that this book gives her information on some animals she has seen in the wild like deer and racoons. After reading this book she now has her sights set on seeing a real live firefly! I have not seen one since I was a small child so I hope I can taker her somewhere to see them one day soon!

Chat with Vera - February 2018

The book is written in flowing prose that will engage the young elementary grade child, but the book can be looked at and "read" to the young child still unable to read. The book is not so "cutsey" that the older, reluctant reader wouldn't be inclined to read. Each two-page spread consists of a "heading" that captures the essence of that Night Creeper critter and in the side bar there is adequate information that explains the nature and behavior of the critter.

Goodreads Reviews

Linda Stanek writes a great combination of poetry and non fiction informational text about nocturnal animals. The illustrations are beautiful and the information appropriate for students in grades 2-4 and for ESL or those struggling to read non-fiction in older grades. As with other Arbordale books, the supplemental activities are excellent and provide teachers and parents with extension and review materials as well as comprehension checks. - Melanie

Stunning picture book that is perfect for creating wondrous dreams about the animals around us. Author Linda Stanek brings us a sweet story about what nocturnal animals do before their bedtime. Illustrator Shennen Bersani brings out the simplistic brilliance of Stanek's words through illustration. - Traci Bold

Short rhyming phrases serve as the main text for each illustration, while sidebars hold facts about each animal featured in the book. Back matter includes information on animal adaptations; explanations of the difference between diurnal, crepuscular, and nocturnal animals; and learning activities. - Suz

I love that this book offers simple two-three word text on one page and a longer description on the other. This makes it a nice option to use with multiple groups, from babies to school age. It also includes information at the back that can be used for classrooms. - Stephani

Amazon Reviews

The book provides a near-portrait-like realism of detail and a kind of bedtime like hue of softness on every page. A little like the "nightshift" warmness we can set on our iPhones before bed. Even though it's a book about "Night Creepers", it comes across as cuddly, warm, and fun. We really liked that the scenes were done lighter than very dark night scenes. We assume this was to show details better. It allows the showing of the soft hue and increased warmness far better than books where pages are too dark. It makes the softness show up very well. They always lighten night scenes in Hollywood movies much lighter than actual darkness, in order to make out facial expressions, action, and all that is happening. - Newport Book Reviews

This is a charming introduction for children to our nocturnal world and is a beautifully illustrated read. The only downside might be that children want to stay up late and see the nocturnal world for themselves! - JG

This beautifully illustrated and written book is excellent for children of a variety of ages. Written so that you can quickly read through with a minimal amount of text or you can add the more detailed text to the side. Provides interesting and factual information about nocturnal animals. I work in an education program at a zoo and the children I work with love this book! They love to learn interesting and true information about animals. Adults will probably learn at least a few new facts as well. This book is a must add to a personal, classroom or school library.

Night Creepers is a true delight. A beautiful and graceful way for children to learn about nocturnal animals through the gentle writing of Linda Stanek and the gorgeous illustrations of Shennen Bersani. This is the children’s book I wish I had as a kid, and I look forward to sharing it with all the young people I know. Shennen Bersani and Linda Stanek are producing children’s books that are more than just books, but works of art and true classics that will never go out of style. - Heather Wade

Concise and enjoyable. The illustrations are great, as well as the activities in the back! - S. Hernandez

Children's Literature Review, Ohio School Leadership Foundation & University of Cincinnati SDI Center - June 2018

Great for read-a-loud and factual. Like the combination! Read-a-loud/facts can cover a larger grade level.

CalicoKidz - October 2018

In Night Creepers picture book, children learn all about nocturnal animals and their behaviors. With lots of awesome illustrations, it is a great STEM story for bedtime.

Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center - November 2017

This is a fact filled book that will complement any children’s library. I can see a teacher using for a unit learning about animals. It uses inquiry-based learning to help build critical thinking skills in young readers. Also available, a Spanish-language paperback edition, Sigilosos de la noche, supports ELL and dual-language programs.