One Odd Day

CLCD & Children's Literature - November, 2006

The cover of this book shows that something fun is bound to happen. It offers readers a chance to crawl deeper inside the pages and see how the youngster in the tale discovers odd numbers from an unusual perspective. Knee-slapping illustrations consist of things like a dog with five legs and an unusual tail, three sleeves on a new shirt, a classroom calendar consisting of all odd numbers, a teacher with five extremities, and many more. Creative, rhyming text fits this story well as it reinforces the math concept of odd numbers. Illustrations have hidden odd numbers sprinkled about in the main pictures. Children will be eager to search for the extra numbers. Teachers may add this book as supplemental math material. Its humor will also make it a popular selection. End matter contains odd fun facts, oddities, and an odd coloring chart. Adults and children can look forward to a fall 2007 book called My Even Day.
- Nancy Attebury

Eclectic Homeschool Online - January 2012

This book is a delightful book with interesting words and rhyming. The pictures are fully illustrated and detailed, with lots of little things to see after you read through the book a few times. My 4th grade son especially laughed out loud when the boy had 3 shirt sleeves, and the calendar only showed odd days. There is a lot to like about One Odd Day and I know it is a book that will be read over and over in my house.

Macaroni Kid-February 2011

My son loved this one! It was his favorite of the series. He says "It is the coolest one!" It made him laugh and it is quite amusing. My son is already 7 years old and knows his Odd and Even numbers but he loved the book!

Wee Ones Magazine - January / February 2007

Life sure is odd! This fun book highlights odd numbered objects, people and pets. As the main character wakes up, he notices that his clock only has odd numbers, his new shirt has three sleeves and his pet dog has five legs! Can his day get any crazier? Of course! And it does. Funny rhymes and boisterous, bright illustrations grab your attention and make you want to flip the page to see what odd things happen next!

A section in the back of the book encourages children to learn all about odd numbers and is an excellent educational supplement.
- Jennifer Reed

Teaching Children Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Dec 08/Jan 09 Issue

The authors of these engaging picture books integrate the concepts of odd and even numbers into the story of the life of a young boy who awakens to find that his world doesn't seem quite right. As the boy tumbles from his bed in One Odd Day, he fnds that his surroundings appear to be void of all even numbers. He discovers that his clock displays only odd numbers and his dog seems to have a fifth leg. The books's pages are filled with similar examles until the next day, when the boy wakes up to find that his odd-number day appears to be over, but his mother now has two heads. It is no surprise that My Even Day begins where One Odd Day ended. The story is similar to the first except that this day revolves around examples of even numberd and then concludes with the boy waking up to find that half his head has been shaved, leading the reader to believe that the next book will focus on fractions.

These books appeal to primary students and could support a classroom investigation focused on the concept of odd and even numbers within an oddly interesting context. The rhythmic text is enticing, and the vividly creative illustrations could keep students busy for hours as they search for different objects related to odd and even numbers. Each book also contains a teaching section with a variety of activities, definitions, and important teaching points.
- Heidi Higgins, Missouri State University

School Library Journal - December 2006

K-Gr 2–One morning, a boy awakens to find that everything is literally “odd.” The numbers on his clock read 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11; his shirt has three sleeves and his dog has five legs. There are many other strange things for readers to spot on each page, and not just numbers. On one spread, the boy’s mom is wearing a fire hat and a tutu, and there is a banana tree with a toucan and snake by the front door. Rhyming text flows smoothly, “I bounced on polka dot/bus number NINE,/thinking my class in/school would look fine.” However, when the boy arrives at school, things are just as strange. In math class, the teacher explains that even numbers are found between odd, and the boy is relieved to know that things might get back to normal. The next morning, the dog has four legs, and both his shoes are there. But then the boy realizes that his bedroom has six doors and his mom has two heads. The colorful, busy spreads have child appeal, and independent readers can pore over the pages, trying to spot all the out-of-the-ordinary things...this odd addition might be fun for some collections.
- DeAnn Okamura, San Mateo County Library, CA

Mom Central - Dec 2008

What would the world be like if only odd numbers existed! One Odd Day by Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed tells the humorous story of a young child who awakens to find everything about him is “odd”. He has three sleeves on his shirt and his dog has five legs. His mother makes him eat seven bananas on his way to school. When he arrives there, only odd numbers are shown on the calendar, and his teacher has five arms! The boy goes to bed wondering what tomorrow will bring - maybe an “even” day. The book is made even more fun thanks to the colorful illustrations by Karen Lee, which provide dozens of odd things to notice and odd numbered objects to seek out. A fantastic introductory lesson into the world of odd and even numbers, the book also contains a three-page educational supplement in the index to continue the principles explored in the book.

The Ashley News “Book Talk” with Shirley LaBusier, Thursday Nov. 23, 2006

Early one morning a small boy wakes up to the ring of his alarm clock, not knowing that this will indeed be an ‘Odd Day.’ The alarm clock has only odd numbers; he has one sock to put on, and one stinky shoe. He has old jeans and a new shirt, but the new shirt has three sleeves. Princess, his dog, has five legs. His lunch consists of five bananas; he rides to school on polka dot bus number nine. The calendar hanging on the wall has only odd days, and his math teacher, Miss Dodd has five arms. Miss Dodd explains that numbers called even are found between odd.

What great news he thought going outside to play, tomorrow will not be so odd, like today. He was eager to go to bed that night, thinking tomorrow would be right. To his relief, when he woke up the next morning, there were two stinky shoes and Princess had four legs. Sitting up in bed, he discovers his room has six doors and his mother has two heads!

This book is fun and a pure delight to peruse. You and your child will laugh and enjoy a fun time together as [you] look for all the odd numbers on each page. Shadows on the wall are 3, 5, 7, the price tag on his shirt is $9.99. The red and white table cloth is printed with odd numbers in each red square. Look closely at each page for hidden odd numbers. Did you see the number 7 in the light bulb?

As always Arbordale Publishing is number ONE! Not just a brightly illustrated fun book, but also an educational one. Check-out the “For Creative Minds” section in back of the book. Count the shoes, the fish, and the eggs to determine if they are odd or even.

‘One Odd Day’ is available at your favorite local or online bookstore. Look for the companion book, ‘My Even Day,’ due out in September, 2007.
- Shirley LaBusier

Learning Magazine - 0ctober 2006

"The young boy in this book is having a very odd day: his shirt has three sleeves; his dog has five legs; and his clock shows only the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11! This humorous introduction to odd and even numbers includes a special section with math trivia, crafts and games."

“Interesting concept for a children’s book. Math teachers will love it – at all primary levels. Interesting illustrations for some good discussion with children. Colorful and informative!”

2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards judges’ critiques

This is a really fun book – bright, cheerful and quirky without being stupid or insipid. The concept is intriguing and the story moves. This is a delightful way for a child to learn the concept of what odd is. The illustrations add to the story and the expressions on the face of the little boy in the story are funny… the dread, the horror, the amazement et al are so very well done. The main character is sympathetic and a child will just want so badly to help him through the end of the story.

Children’s Literature - 2006

Books about things suddenly being different are often popular. This new title, with its quirky humor and silly situations, is sure to appeal to children. The rhyming text describes such oddities as a dog dancing on five legs, a shirt with three sleeves, and a clock with only odd numbers. The engaging and lively illustrations portray a mother dressed in a pink tutu and a fireman’s helmet cooking breakfast on a charcoal grill, a pink polka dotted school bus, and a three-eyed, six-armed reptilian teacher. The next day brings a whole new set of circumstances that could easily lead youngsters into producing another story. Additional pages at the end of the book provide inventive and imaginative activities for readers to try either alone or with a group. All in all, a clever story that should be added to collections by grade schoolers.
Sylvia Firth

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - July 2007

One Odd Day is a story of a young boy who awakens to find everything in odd numbers. Seeing only odd numbers on his clock, he attempts to go through his day, but he observes some very strange happenings. As you read this humorous and engaging story, you will find activities that are extensions of the book, including: grouping odd numbers, finding odd objects in the story, making an odd creature, and using a number grid to find odd numbers.

The book is intended for ages 4 to 8. It can be used in a variety of homeschooling methods and with many different learning styles. It is sold in hardback for $15.95. Additional learning links and teacher activities can be accessed from the Arbordale Publishing website.

I enjoyed the book very much. It provided an interesting starting point for teaching the concept of odd numbers and the meaning of the word "odd." The creative text and illustrations hold the attention of children while giving them an opportunity to act upon what they hear and learn in the story.

This is a product that I can recommend without any reservations. There is nothing within this story that I would want to change. It provides a humorous way to learn the concepts of odd and even and will be one of your child's favorite books to read!
- Christy Sensenig

Review of Texas Books - Spring 2008

Can Odd Ever Return to Normal?

Can you imagine waking one morning, checking the time and the clock numbers are confused? How can you tell time with one, five, seven, nine, and eleven? Then the young boy tries to get dressed but finds only one sock and one shoe. Worst of all, Mom is dressed as a fireman in a tutu. Princess, the dog, dances a jig on five legs. Although the school bus used to be yellow, it is now pink polka-dotted. He hopes school will be more predictable. October is listed on the calendar as Oddtober. His teacher looks very strange and the playground is chaos. The boy’s only solution is to live through today; surely tomorrow will be better. He is sure that now is the time for a change. But check it out!

My Even Day is a rhythmic sequel to One Odd Day. The boy’s problems now extend to this mother with her two heads. He finds two shoes, but both are for the left foot. What a backpack! Ten watermelons are in his backpack, and soup drips out of a sack. Confusion reigns again. On a field trip to the zoo each elephant has four trunks, lions fly, and the juggling boa constrictor takes over for an odd day in the even day book. Will odd and even ever take the boy back to normal?

Karen Lee’s wild and wooly illustrations extend the text on every page in her use of bright stand-out colors. She says she tries to use more variety but always seems to fall back on the same old, same old colors. Whatever! The illustrations are great for both books and a sharp-eyed kid will love finding many odd things. A hallmark of Arbordale Publishers is “For Creative Minds,” three pages of interactive learning to be used by teachers and parents. Arbordale also posts Learning Links and Teaching Activities on their website: Watch for My Half Day coming out in September 2008.

Heartland Reviews - July 2006

This picture book plays with the concept of odd numbers by illustrating people, pets, and objects with odd numbers of body parts and attachments. The pictures are really cute, causing one to occasionally do a double take. It does a good job of explaining the math concepts around odd numbers in the back if the book. We rated it five hearts.
- Bob Spear

Armchair Interviews - March, 19 2007

Arbordale Publishing is known for publishing high quality books with outstanding educational value that also manage to keep children entertained. One Odd Day by Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed is no exception.

A young boy awakens one day to find that he is surrounded by odd numbers. His alarm clock has only odd numbers, his shirt has three sleeves, and his dog has five legs! As he continues his day, he finds odd numbers lurking at school, on the playground, and everywhere he turns. Exhausted by his “odd” day, he returns home and falls asleep, only to awaken to an “even” day!

The story is told in rhyme, and children love the music of poetry. Both Fisher and Sneed are accomplished writers of children’s literature. The watercolor illustrations by award winning artist Karen Lee are colorful, amusing and fit the story perfectly with their odd qualities. Odd numbers are hidden within each page for children to find.

When the rhyming is finished, the reader will find various activities and art projects at the end of the book that explain even and odd numbers in more depth and enhance learning. The activities include open-ended questions as an educator would ask, and have been reviewed by an award winning math teacher for accuracy.

This would make an excellent book to introduce into the classroom. It makes math fun and entertaining for children while providing short curriculum for teachers.
- Sabrina Williams - March 2007

One day a little boy wakes up to find his clock had only odd numbers and his shirt has three sleeves. What else is odd in this odd day? What a fun way to learn about the mathematical concept of odd numbers! Authors Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed explore different ways in which children can notice odd numbers throughout their day. Doris writes in delightful verse about the numbers one through nine.

To add to the fun, illustrator Karen Lee adds visual humor to the story. The dog has a dragon tail and Mom wears a firefighter's hat and ballet tutu in the morning! Teacher, Miss Dodd, has three eyes! Young children will have fun finding these and other fun images in the book. Number words are highlighted in bold to help the first and second graders learn to read them. Activities in the back of the book are varied and fun for a rainy day at home or math time at school! Children ages 4 to 7 will delight in this book.
- Judith Nasse

One Odd Day, a picture book by Doris Fisher (illustrated by Karen Lee) is a delightful, yet informative read for preschoolers and young grade-schoolers alike. Fisher cleverly teaches children odd numbers from one through eleven by posing zany scenarios, in which the main character only experiences things in odd numbers. At school, the calendar only has odd numbers. His mother tells him to grab seven bananas before catching bus number nine, and his alarm clock doesn't have any even numbers!

One Odd Day is cleverly crafted in rhyme, making the scenarios all the more comical. It's a perfect read-aloud book or book for emerging readers to take a gander at. If your child is just learning his numbers, is struggling with his numbers, or is studying odd vs. even, One Odd Day is a wonderful learning tool. Kids learn best while being informed and entertained simultaneously, and this book does just that.

The illustrations are adorable and will catch any child's attention while reading the book. My favorite has to be the page where the mother is cooking, "burnt toast and eggs" for her son. On the page, she's wearing a red jogging outfit, a pink tutu, suspenders, and a fireman's hat, while cooking breakfast on a round, charcoal grill-in the house.

Because this book is published by Arbordale Publishing, it contains a section at the back called, "Creative Minds." Filled with activities and information, this section is included in all Arbordale Publishing's books, making them wonderful tools for parents and educators alike.

One Odd Day is a delight to read. And in case you're wondering, yes, they're publishing a sequel, One Even Day as well. It's due out in Fall 2007 I highly recommend both.
- Catherine Ipcizade - August, 8 2006

One Odd Day by Doris Fisher is about odd and even of all, in the back of the book are activities and ideas for teaching math and science. One Odd Day included more information about odd and even numbers as well as as two activities. I think this series will be something homeschool families will enjoy.
- Cindy Downes

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, NY- June, 2006

How clever of authors Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed to imagine a world in which everything is odd on odd-numbered days and even on even-numbered days. Carried to its delightful extremes, this concept has our hero, a bright young man, waking up to discover only odd numbers on his alarm clock, only one shoe to put on, three sleeves on his shirt, five legs on his dog, etc., etc. Throughout this truly “odd day” our hero encounters only odd numbers. Thankfully the next morning he awakes to an even-numbered world. His dog is back to four legs, but his mother has two heads! Kids will howl at the funny rhymes Fisher and Sneed have concocted and delight in the large, colorful, exuberant illustrations of Karen Lee. As always with Arbordale books, the “For Creative Minds” section in the back offers helpful learning activities to carry the odd/even lessons beyond the story.
- Marvin Terban, Author and Teacher, 2005 SCBWI Member of the Year

Laura Williams' Musings

This is a humorous book that will have your children giggling and laughing as mine were. The storyline and illustrations are not only funny but also get your children to thinking what is wrong with the picture.

In the back of the book, there is a section for Creative Minds that get your child thinking with math, creating with art work, and being a detective to find items in the book.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book and would say that this book and it's companion My Even Day would make a great gift set for a child. You can read my review of the companion book at this link. Book REVIEW: My Even Day by Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed.

I give this book a bright line of 5 stars
- Laura Williams

Stories for Children Magazine - February/March 2008

A boy wakes up one morning to discover that he's now living in a very ODD world, indeed!  The alarm clock only shows ODD numbers; he only has one sock and one shoe to wear; his new shirt has 3 sleeves, and his poor dog has five legs! It didn't get any better at school, either, with only odd numbers on the calendar and a math teacher with five hands and an alligator tail! And so continues his very odd day! What is happening to me today, he wonders, and will I survive this very odd day? With truly funny illustrations by Karen Lee, kids and adults alike will have lots of fun looking for the odd numbers and odd items hidden in the illustrations. Authors Doris and Dani did a great job on writing a very tight text with rhythmic overtones that carries the reader into page-turning mode.

One Odd Day and My Even Day (as a combo) were one of Learning Magazine's 2008 Teachers' Choice Awards for Children's Books winners. One Odd Day is also a 2008 Bill Martin, Jr. Picture Book Award nominee (Kansas Reading Association).

As with all Arbordale books, there is an educational section "For Creative Minds" at the end of this book containing:  "Odd Fun Facts & Counting"; "An Odd Coloring Chart"; "'How Odd?' Oddities"; and "Creative Sparks".

In addition, readers can find cross-curricular “Teaching Activities,” an audio reading, child-friendly “Learning Links,” and comprehension and math quizzes for free at
- Gayle Jacobson-Huset

The Reading Tub - March 2008

Summary: Is it really possible? This is truly odd! From the numbers on the clock, to the sleeves on his shirt, our young student has a day filled with nothing but odd numbers. Even Princess, his dog, has five legs! This rhyming book helps children learn and distinguish odd numbers.

Type of Reading: family reading, anytime reading, playtime reading, learning to read

Recommended Age: read together: 4 to 8; read yourself: 7 to 10

Age of Child: Shared with a Kindergarten class of twenty five- and six-year-olds.

Little Kid Reaction: The kids loved this book and it's companion My Even Day. They laughed their way through the numbers, pointing out lots of the smaller elements in the illustrations.

Big Kid Reaction: This is a lot of fun to read. They are great books, and I'm going to order them for our classroom.

Pros: Humorous illustrations and a rhyming story combine to help kids identify odd numbers from 1 to 99. A coloring activity at the back helps them create visual effects of number patterns for themselves.

Cons: None at all!

Borrow or Buy: Buy! The kids will want to read the story a bunch. You'll want to have it around for several of the early math years, because it will help reinforce learning in a way that makes sense to them.