What Reviewers are Saying About Pooper Snooper

Kirkus Reviews - August 2021

The first clue that this book will be fun as well as informational is the 3-D look of the brown typeface used for the title word Pooper. Sampson, a black Lab mix, has been trained by his scientist owner (co-author Ubigau) to sniff out the poop (scat) of other animals, for which he’s rewarded with a bit of ball play...Another win is that most pooper snooper dogs are rescues from shelters; their high-energy, ball-obsessive temperament—which can make them tough as family pets—makes them perfect for this job. An admirable amount of information is presented here: how a dog is trained to sniff out poop, the role of the Pacific pocket mouse in its environment, a Q&A with Sampson’s scientist owner, and a fun nose game readers can teach their own dogs. The copious full-color illustrations faithfully illustrate the narrative, visually bringing the story to life and depicting Ubigau with pale skin and long, blond hair.

A fascinating story that strikes just the right tone of education and fun.