What Reviewers are Saying About River Otter's Adventure

Kirkus Reviews - May 2020

The repetitive format will soothe younger children and build confidence in older ones. The introduction of exotic animals among more-familiar ones adds variety. Some readers might see the river otter’s journey as a support of identity play and self-acceptance; others can simply indulge in all the ways to act like animals. Cute and playful, like its featured critter.

Edelweiss, Goodreads, and Other Community Reviews

What a fun book about adventure and accepting to be yourself! I loved River Otter's Journey! It was so much fun! The illustrations are beyond belief beautiful and capture the story perfectly! It taught a good lesson that it's okay to be ourselves! I also really loved that there was facts about river otters at the end!
Steph Dykhouse, Reviewer

Kids Book Buzz - October 2020

The whole book is my favorite part. The story River Otter’s Adventure is about an otter who decides to be different animals, like a tiger and a slithery snake, but he learns that he likes being an otter best of all. It’s a very sweet and silly book and it’s my favorite. It’s different from other animal books because it’s about an otter being different than it actually is. I like the illustrations because they’re so detailed and most of the animals look so cute.