This Land is Your Land

Tundraco: A Resource Guide for Rockhouds - July 2015

"The text is written in a rhyming meter that is energetic and catchy. In addition, the text is accompanied by colorful and engaging illustrations by Cathy Morrison. These illustrations will captivate pre-readers and enhance the text for young readers. Most important, the information in this book is accurate, and it has been verified by a geologist. So while readers are enjoying a lively story they are also learning some fundamental concepts related to geology and geography....The combination of an entertaining and graphically pleasing book along with educational resources that will not only serve in a classroom setting, but which will also provide guidance for any adult (a parent, scout leader, camp counselor, etc...) who is seeking to share the geological wonders of our world with younger children. Best of all, This Land is Your Land is a book which will encourage children to explore and better understand the world around them."

School Library Connection

This attractive basic introduction to landforms with clear and colorful illustrations will be popular with elementary Social Studies classes. Each of eleven selected landforms is defined in a pair of rhyming couplets and illustrated with a close-up image including an inset map or diagram.

Children's Literature

This scientific educational text would be a good addition to schools and libraries. Children should enjoy the colorful illustrations and could sing along with the verses as they learn about the earth. The text is also published in Spanish.
-Vicki Foote, for Children's Literature

Colorado Country Life

From plateaus to mountains, plains to peninsulas, archipelagos to volcanoes, landforms of all shapes and sizes come to life for children ages 4-8 in This Land Is Your Land

Midwest Book Review - June 2015

"This Land Is Your Land" is a versed, realistically illustrated exploration of some of the magnificent landforms and geological features of Earth. Some of the scenic features presented include a forest, coasts, continents, mountains, hills, the Colorado Plateau, the Grand Canyon, valleys, plains, peninsulas, a volcano, an island, an archipelago of islands, and more. Each different terrain is lavishly displayed in layered colors of both daytime and night time scenes. Sidebars and miniature maps give additional information about each different landform. At the end of the book additional educational sections include the For Creative Minds section on Earth Movers, landform sorting activities and definitions, Map Skills, and more. Other cross curricular educational activities and quizzes can be found at, In summary, the features of descriptive narrative verse with detailed colorful illustrations and educational extra features make this a winning choice for young readers age 7 and up.

Heck of a Bunch - May 2015

"Told in cadence form, This Land is Your Land details and illustrates geographic areas and why they're called what they are. Children will get a grasp of what valleys and plains look like, as well as peninsulas and islands. There are illustrations within the illustrations that give an idea of the expanse and make-up of landforms. It's catchy with its wording and refined with its examples."

Book Pleasures - May 2015

"What makes this book fun is not only the rhyming explanation of the different landforms, but also the informational data at the back of the book for older readers regarding how weather, erosion, deposition, and structure affect them. Any child will enjoy looking at the colorful pictures with plenty of details while learning about our planet."

Outnumbered 3-1 - June 2015

"This Land is Your Land by Catherine Ciocchi illustrated by Cathy Morrison takes the reader on a trip around to world to discover natural beauties in the Earth's landforms and geological features. Using a rhythmic verse you encounter plains, plateaus, and rolling hills. Find out how a stream can make a canyon or lava creates an archipelago. Read aloud and discover new terrain with the flip of each page."

Feathered Quill Book Reviews - June 2015

"This is a great geo adventure that will help young students learn about the Earth's landforms and geological features. This story in rhyme is an animated overview of our world as seen from both the eyes of children and adults enjoying its features. Each two-page spread has an inset that shows some aspect of the area being explored or discussed via the rhyme. For example, when discussing the hill where wilderness are seen sliding, we see a physical map in the inset. In the back matter are activities that include additional landform information, a matching activity, map skills information, and questions."

Reader's Haven Reviews - July 2015

When I saw the title of "This Land Is Your Land," I immediately thought of the wonderful song by the same title. Alas, it was not in anyway connected to the song. It was, however, a great beginning book on geographic details of this wonderful World in which you and I live. Each two page spread is illustrated with youthful animated-style by Cathy Morrison showing the featured geographic typography the text describes. In a small box off to the side of each, there is further information provided."

So Cal City Kids - August 2015

I really like how interesting and engaging this book is for young readers. My favorite section "For Creative Minds" has activities that include Landform Sorting, Earth Movers and Landform Matching.

MyMcBooks Blog - August 2015

Learn that where land meets sea, there's a coast; sandy beaches cover most lands. Some of the highest mountains peak are capped in snow and cooler than the base. Read about the plateau, canyon, tranquil valley, volcano lava and many more. The last four pages includes learning activities: Earth Movers, Landform Sorting, Landform Matching, and Map Skills. The illustrations by Cathy Morrison show great geographic details. Colors are bold and bright with clear text. I recommend this book for classroom teaching.

Night Owl Reviews - September 2016

Here’s a good way to introduce young readers to some of the variety of Earth’s landforms and geographical features. The rhymed narrative takes the child on quick visits to plains, plateaus, mountains, islands and even to a volcano.