Trees: A Compare and Contrast Book

School Library Journal - June 2015

"Hall's latest compare and contrast book covers general facts about trees, such as where they grow (in soil, rocks, or water; in forests or alone; in hot climates or cold) and different types: broadleaf, conifers, deciduous, and evergreen. Though Hall compares the sizes of the tiny satsuki azalea bonsai and the giant redwood, no mathematical facts are included. More detailed information is appended: different tree parts, how trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, and resources that come from trees..."
-Sandra Welzenbach, Villarreal Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

Library Media Connnection - May 2015

"In this series, Katharine Hall focuses on different topics. She introduces each book with full-sized colorful photographs. A new fact is given with each turn of the page. Meanwhile, the reader will be captivated by the stunning scenery. These informational books are very detailed and descriptive, yet they are also easy to read and make learning fun and interesting. Four additional pages are included at the end of each book for enrichment. Students will be delighted to read these books as well as become intrigued to learn more about science."
-Cristina Elopre Vera, Library Science Graduate Student, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Midwest Book Review - March 2015

"Trees is a K-3 color photo illustrated volume from the Compare and Contrast series by Katherine Hall. Brief but informative narrative is shown in contrasting type against stunning two page portraits of many different types of trees. Ideal for teaching nonfiction, cross-curricular, Common Core standards, "Trees" presents fascinating information about properties of trees, different environments supporting trees, and many direct and indirect ways in which trees help humans and all life systems. Ending with a section for study titled For Creative Minds, "Trees" offers an array of learning activity suggestions, with a teaching activities guide available on Fun matching games, quizzes, and further information about trees and animals fill the final pages of this exciting Compare and Contrast book."

Book Loons - March 2015

"Four pages of learning activities go a little deeper into the subject and should help engage young readers. If you are looking for a book that will get a discussion started, and pique a youngster's interest and make him/her want to do further study of trees, this paperback will work well. The author has written a similar book about clouds which would make a good companion title."

Reader's Haven Reviews - April 2015

"...Katharine Hall provides beautiful photographic illustrations that feature the teaching points of this little children's book on Trees. She compares areas where tree roots can take hold, the difference between evergreens and deciduous, broad leaf and conifers. The reader (or listener) will even learn places where trees will grown and the one place trees do not grow. Interesting!"

So Cal City Kids - May 2015

"I received a copy of this book and love that it is educational and has such pretty photographs. It is a great book for grades K-3 and really fits well when learning about Science. I like that the For Creative Minds section teaches about Tree parts and more!"

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books

Simple text and crisp, clear photographs that illustrate the concepts in this book make it very useful for classrooms. The paperback version costs a bit more than expected ($9.95), but the folded cover flaps give the edges heft and additional info. A QR code on the back cover takes readers to the book’s website hosted by the publisher where over twenty pages of instructional resources are available. Four pages of back matter stress the importance of trees to the environment with a matching quiz and informational text boxes and photos.

Texas Kitchen - July 2017

This lovely book, written by nature lover, Katherine Hall can help your young learner grasp how to see the differences in trees. Children discover how to look at the parts of trees and the environment a tree is growing in. This gets them wanting to learn more about the world around them. Beautiful full color photographs grace each page drawing your child in to learn.

M.G. Paregian - August 2018

Here is a thorough volume with a great deal of information about these important part of our environment. Trees are able to grow in many environments, all around the world. It is difficult to visualize our environment without trees. there is a great variety of trees. Some of the trees can stay green all year, while other trees have leaves that change color. the text describes the various aspects of the trees, even showing comparisons with each other. The full-color photographs are dramatic and revealing.