Thank you all so much for reading and voting for Once Upon an Elephant
with your children and for all the very nice comments.

Now we wait for the results.

We are honored to have Once Upon an Elephant chosen as a finalist in this year's Children's Choice Awards sponsored by the Children's Book Council and Every Child a Reader. The award is determined by children reading the finalists and then voting on their favorites. To make that easy, we have made our dual-language, interactive ebook available during the voting period which ended on May 7th. The "click to open ebook" link below now opens to an 11 page preview rather than the full 32 page ebook.

This ebook will read-aloud in both English and Spanish with word highlighting.
Adjust reading speed to suit and tap animals and to hear them they roar, chirp, and howl!.

We hope you enjoy our interactive ebook and fall in love with Once Upon an Elephant!

What People are Saying

"Once Upon an Elephant, by Linda Stanek is a wonderful picture book that instills the love and respect for each individual organism as part of an ecosystem. Shennen Bersani’s illustrations are colorful sketches of the life of the elephant. Poaching and habitat loss threaten its very existence. Disappearance of the elephant would be detrimental to the entire African savanna."
-NSTA Recommends, May 2016

"Once Upon an Elephant is another fabulous book by Linda Stanek with illustrations by Shennen Bersani. I love to see books that teach kids accurate information about animals, especially species in Africa, who many will never have the chance to see. I would highly recommend it to any family with kids, not only as a fun story with great illustrations, but also as a learning tool. I’m excited to have it on my shelf to share with generations to come. Great job Linda!"
-Suzi Rapp, Columbus Zoo

"By using a child-oriented language the story tells the important role elephants play in their environment. It shows that their existence is crucial for other species to survive, both plants and animals. It describes in simple sentences what elephants do and the effects they have on their environment and on other animals who share the same habitat. All facts reflect accurately the interrelations between elephants and their environment. We appreciate the realistic and beautiful illustrations of animals and the African scenery."
-Patricia Sims, World Elephant Day Co-Founder, May 2016


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