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Endangered Species Day: Free eBook Access!!


Help Educate Children About Our Endangered Animals
Through Literature!

Here is what our free access looks like and the image below has the access link embedded so you and your friends can just click it to view all our endangered species eBooks. Additional set-up options for quick access are below the image.

Click here to access the endangered species eBooks! Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to copy and forward the linked image above which make
for easy one click access with no login.

Additional Options:

Option 1: (Recommended) Load a desktop icon on your home computer. The icon is a small (2kb) and safe executable file with embedded url link that opens the site license. No site login required. To use this option:

  • Click on the following link: PCs click here / Macs click here
  • Save the small file to your desktop
  • When the download is complete (takes about 2 seconds), close and go to your desktop where you should see a little icon (Arbordale logo for PCs, Generic MAC logo for MACs
  • Click the new desktop icon and it goes straight to your site license page.

Option 2: Manually enter your school's 6-digit site code on our Site Code Entry Page linked from our Arbordale Homepage and the School Resource Grant Page.

  • Site license for: Endangered Species Day
  • Site code: OPERZJ
  • Code expiration date: 05/31/2010

The first time you try it, copy and paste into the block to make sure it is working. After you confirm it works, try typing it in. Make sure all digits are in CAPS and watch for 1s (ones) looking like I (capital eyes) and l (lower case els). There is no login and once the site is open, you might want to just save the page to your browser favorites.

Option 3:
Pass the Site License link found below around to your friends and again, once the site is open, you might want to just save the page to your browser favorites.


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