New Mexico Reading Initiative

We are excited that two of our award winning books: Newton and Me and Ten for Me, were distributed this year to 22,000 New Mexico first graders.


As part of this bid selection, we have also provided every elementary school in New Mexico (about 450 schools) and their families at home, one-year, full access to all 140 of our titles on our Fun eReader® platform. So now all elementary age children (not just first graders) and their families from home, have unlimited access to our ebooks that read-aloud in both English and Spanish. These enhanced ebooks also feature word highlighting and audio speed control which promote oral language skills, fluency, pronunciation, text engagement, and reading comprehension! For ages 4-9 (AR reading level grades: PK-6)

To access Arbordale eBooks through your school's Fun eReader®:

Download our Fun eReader iPad or Android app, or go to and click eBook Access. Login to "School's eBook Site License" with: United States, New Mexico, your school name and then enter the password provided by your school. If passwords have not gone out to families, call us at 843-971-6722 or email: [email protected], and we will get you access to your school's Fun eReader.

School & Library Sign-up. If you are a New Mexico elementary school and have not received a setup email please call or email. If you are a public library, interested in having a one-year free trial (click here). Note: sign-up page says 30-day trial but will be active through 12/31/2017.

Press Releases - New Mexico Reading InitiativeHere is a little more about Arbordale and our eBooks: Arbordale books are first and foremost fun-to-read picture books with engaging stories to instill a love of reading. Our STEM-related books are either fictional stories with non-fiction facts woven throughout the story, narrative nonfiction, or nonfiction with a cuddle factor to engage children making learning fun and exciting. All books include 2-6 pages of our signature For Creative Minds (FCM) back matter that is designed to facilitate parental engagement even if the parents themselves no longer remember or never learned the underlying science. Arbordale's Fun eReader® ebook format is perfect for beginning or struggling readers and ELL / Dual-language learners.

Supplemental Resources. Should teachers and parents wish to do more than read the stories, here are supplemental resources for each book that can be accessed through the ebooks and Arbordale's website:
Also of note, each book is:
Spanish Translation. All 140 titles are translated into Spanish and when you play with the ebooks, you'll see that they have language selection on a simple English-Spanish toggle that enables selection on-the-fly with near instantaneous change in audio and imagery while remaining on the same page. Also, the word highlighting and ability to slow down the reading are game changers and make our eReader a serious reading and language learning tool. More specifically, numerous studies have shown that audio to text synching supports comprehension and engagement with the text and helps develop oral language skills, fluency, and pronunciation. Our Spanish translator and narrator, Rosalyna, hails from Mexico City and has taught college Spanish for many years. Her translations are vetted by Frederico, also from Mexico City who is an educational consultant and 20-year professional translator.

Letter to send home. Here are templates in English & Spanish explaining this Reading Initiative which can be downloaded to edit and send to your teachers and families: Letter / Flyer

As a small, independent publishing company, we pride ourselves on offering a strong catalog of fiction, narrative nonfiction, and nonfiction titles, each with an elementary-level science or math connection that has been thoroughly vetted by experts in the field. Our enhanced eBooks, published books in English and Spanish, and a plethora of supplemental resources makes us the perfect fit for any school or library that wants to engage children at school or at home by sparking their natural curiosity while improving their reading skills, language acquisition, and critical thinking skills. We hope that your school families will love reading the books.

If you have questions, please call us at 843-971-6722 (east coast) or email: [email protected]