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Arbordale picture books with subtle, science and math themes will “light the fire” of inquisitiveness

Each ebook has a “fun, cuddle factor” so that reading can be for just the joy of reading or build in a few extra minutes to work with your children on the underlying science and math. Find a 3-6 page “For Creative Minds” section in the back of each book with easy-to-understand activities specifically designed so that parents and adults can be the “teachers” long after their schooling days. Parents and teachers are given the tools they need to answer the “why” questions. Activities are designed to engage children and are so much more than a list of “fun facts” often with matching, sequencing, and true/false questions to develop critical thinking skills. These activities make each book so much more than just a picture book … the books become tools to get readers (the children and the adults in their lives) excited about the underlying subjects and to become a “launch pad” for more discussion and learning.

Engaging stories and spectacular art come alive as these ebooks read-aloud in both English and Spanish! They also feature word highlighting and audio speed control to improve reading speed and comprehension and to aid in language learning.

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