Not only does each book have a For Creative Minds section filled with fun facts and activities, online, educators will find guides, quizzes and standards alignment to help integrate the books into an educational setting.
Fun eReader
Plan Ahead: Teacher’s Aides

Reading Level Alignment
Common Core & State Standards Alignment

Vetting for Accuracy
”This product provides interactive opportunities for younger students to engage in learning of math and science through literature. It creates a love of reading. The teacher activities guides - up to 60 pages each offer many ways to use the online interactive ebooks. The teacher activities guides are free on the web. A great resource for literature and learning that holds the attention of students and provide a great way to utilize interactive whiteboards in the library and classroom. “
-Susan Bartle, School Library System, Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES, Fredonia, NY

Teachers and librarians

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