Here is the Press Release:

Sylvan Dell Publishing changes its name to Arbordale Publishing

Effective March 1, 2014 Sylvan Dell Publishing changes its name to Arbordale Publishing ( In business since the fall of 2004, the publisher will continue to produce the same quality fun-to-read picture books with a science or math theme. The name change takes place in order to avoid a time-consuming and costly legal battle over the use of the word “Sylvan” in the name.

The original name was closely associated with co-owner Donna German's family. Her grandfather purchased a farmhouse in a wooded valley outside Wilmington, Delaware shortly after his return from serving in WWI. He hailed from Williamsport, Pennsylvania where there had been a Sylvan Dell Park (closed in the late 1930s). Named after the park, the property was identifed by a hand-carved, wooden sign saying "Sylvan Dell" hung at the driveway entrance for decades. Family still lives on the property.

In Latin, Sylvan Dell means wooded valley. The logo was designed to capture that idea of learning leaves falling into an open book, representing the valley. Arbordale also means wooded valley, allowing the use of the same logo for brand recognition.

Co-owner and publisher, Lee German, shares “Last year was a good year for us and we are excited at the prospects for continued growth and making a difference in children's lives. Arbordale Publishing will continue to pursue our mission of contributing to literacy with our unique formula of blending science and math into picture books. And, we will continue to lead the way with dual language (English/Spanish), interactive eBooks for young readers. We hope that all of our customers and industry friends will continue to join us in our mission.”


Here is what this means to our customers and industry friends:

  • This is a name change only and our federal EIN has not changed.
  • Email addresses have changed but our old emails will forward.
  • All links to are auto redirecting to
  • eBook accesses should seamlessly redirect to the new site and over the course of the next year we will be changing links in conjunction with license renewals.

A bit more on the timeline and reasons for the change:

  • This has not been a change of our choosing, but rather an event brought on by a legal challenge to our Sylvan Dell name.
  • In 2008, we applied for and received trademark for Sylvan Dell Publishing from USPTO.
  • In 2012, we applied for trademark on "Sylvan Dell" without the word "Publishing"
  • February 2013, our trademark application of "Sylvan Dell" was opposed and an additional challenge filed to overturn our existing Sylvan Dell Publishing trademark.
  • February 2013, a civil action was filed in US District Court for the District of Maryland challenging our use of the existing Sylvan Dell Publishing trademark.


The USPTO had previously approved our trademark for Sylvan Dell Publishing and it is likely that we could have won the battle before the USPTO Trademark Trials and Appeals Board but a protracted civil suit in Federal Court was simply beyond our financial means to fight. We have looked hard at the costs, benefits, & risk and chosen to settle. With the tough decision behind us, we are looking to the future and appreciate the warm support from our customers and industry friends.

Sylvan Dell in the fall Sylvan Dell in the Spring
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