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Alignment to Standards for CO

1 SC/1 2.2 An organism is a living thing that has physical characteristics to help it survive
1 SS/1 1.1.b Identify the components of a calendar. Topics to include but not limited to days of the week, months, and notable events
1 SS/1 1.1.d Use words related to time, sequence, and change
1 SS/1 2.1. Geographic tools such as maps and globes to represent places
1 SS/1 2.1.d Distinguish between land and water on a map or globe
2 SC/2 2.2 Each plant or animal has different structures or behaviors that serve different functions
2 SC/2 3.1 Weather and the changing seasons impact the environment and organisms such as humans, plants, and other animals
2 SC/2 3.1a how the weather and changing seasons impacts the organisms such as humans, plants, and other animals _ and the environment
2 SC/2 3.1b temperatures in different locations (Sun or shade) at different times and seasons as evidence of how organisms and the environment are influenced by the weather and changing seasons
2 SC/2 3.1c ways in which severe weather contributes to catastrophic events such as floods and forest fires
2 SS/2 2.1.b Identify and locate various physical features on a map
3 SS/3 2.1. Use various types of geographic tools to develop spatial thinking
3 SS/3 2.1.b Find oceans and continents, major countries, bodies of water, mountains, and urban areas, the state of Colorado, and neighboring states on maps
3 SS/3 2.2.c Give examples of places that are similar and different from a local region
4 SC/4 2.1 All living things share similar characteristics, but they also have differences that can be described and classified
4 SC/4 2.3 There is interaction and interdependence between and among living and nonliving components of systems
4 SC/4 2.3a how organisms adapt to their habitat
4 SC/4 2.3b components that make a habitat type unique
4 SC/4 2.3c compare and contrast different habitat types
5 SC/5 3.2 Earthês surface changes constantly through a variety of processes and forces (plate tectonics, erosion, deposition, solar influences, climate, and human activity)
K SS/K 1.2.a Order sequence information using words. Words to include but not limited to past, present future, days, weeks, months, years, first, next, last, before, and after
PK SC/PK 2.1 Living things have characteristics and basic needs
PK SC/PK 3.2 Events such as night, day, the movement of objects in the sky, weather, and seasons have patterns
PK SS/PK 1.1.a Use words and phrases correctly related to chronology and time. Words to include but not limited to past, present future, before, now, and later.

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