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Alignment to Standards for CO

3 SC/3 3.1 Earthês materials can be broken down and/or combined into different materials such as rocks, minerals, rock cycle, formation of soil, and sand _ some of which are usable resources for human activity
3 SS/3 2.2.c Give examples of places that are similar and different from a local region
4 SC/4 2.3 There is interaction and interdependence between and among living and nonliving components of systems
4 SC/4 2.3b components that make a habitat type unique
4 SC/4 2.3c compare and contrast different habitat types
PK SC/PK 1.1 Objects have properties and characteristics
PK SC/PK 2.1 Living things have characteristics and basic needs
PK SC/PK 2.2a identify the common needs such as food, air, and water of familiar living things
PK SC/PK 3.1 Earthês materials have properties and characteristics that affect how we use those materials

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