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Alignment to Standards for CO

1 SS/1 1.1.d Use words related to time, sequence, and change
1 SS/1 2.1. Geographic tools such as maps and globes to represent places
1 SS/1 2.1.a Explain that maps and globes are different representations of Earth
1 SS/1 2.1.d Distinguish between land and water on a map or globe
2 SS/2 2.1.b Identify and locate various physical features on a map
2 SS/2 2.1.c Identify the hemispheres, equator, and poles on a globe
2 SS/2 2.1.d Identify and locate cultural, human, political, and natural features using map keys and legends
3 SS/3 2.1. Use various types of geographic tools to develop spatial thinking
3 SS/3 2.1.b Find oceans and continents, major countries, bodies of water, mountains, and urban areas, the state of Colorado, and neighboring states on maps
3 SS/3 2.2.a Observe and describe the physical characteristics and the cultural and human features of a region
3 SS/3 2.2.b Identify the factors that make a region unique including cultural diversity, industry and agriculture, and land forms
3 SS/3 2.2.d Characterize regions using different types of features such as physical, political, cultural, urban and rural
5 SC/5 3.2 Earthês surface changes constantly through a variety of processes and forces (plate tectonics, erosion, deposition, solar influences, climate, and human activity)
K SS/K 2.1.c Distinguish between a map and a globe as ways to show places people live
PK SS/PK 2.1. Develop spatial understanding, perspectives, and connections to the world

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