Standards for CO

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Alignment to Standards for CO

1 SS/1 1.1.d Use words related to time, sequence, and change
4 SC/4 2.3 There is interaction and interdependence between and among living and nonliving components of systems
PK SC/PK 2.1 Living things have characteristics and basic needs
PK SC/PK 2.2 Living things develop in predictable patterns
PK SC/PK 2.2a identify the common needs such as food, air, and water of familiar living things
PK SC/PK 2.2b Predict, explain, and infer patterns based on observations and representations of living things, their needs, and life cycles
PK SS/PK 1.1.a Use words and phrases correctly related to chronology and time. Words to include but not limited to past, present future, before, now, and later.
PK SS/PK 1.1.d Identify an example of change over time on topics to include but not limited to their own growth

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