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Alignment to Standards for GA

1 M&G.1. use cardinal directions
1 SS1G3 b. Locate the major oceans: Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian.
1 SS1G3 c. Identify and describe landforms (mountains, deserts, valleys, plains, plateaus, and coasts).
3 S3E1. d. Determine how water and wind can change rocks and soil over time using observation and research..
3 SS3G1b. Identify major mountain ranges of the United States of America: Appalachian, Rocky.
5 S5E1. Students will identify surface features of the Earth caused by constructive and destructive processes.
5 S5E1. a. Identify surface features caused by constructive processes: deltas, sand dunes, earthquakes, volcanoes, faults
5 S5E1. b. Identify and find examples of surface features caused by destructive processes; erosion, weathering, impact of organisms, earthquake, volcano
5 S5E1. c. Relate the role of technology and human intervention in the control of constructive and destructive processes. Not limited to: Seismological studies, Flood control, (dams, levees, storm drain management, etc.), Beach reclamation
K SSKG2 The student will explain that a map is a drawing of a place and a globe is a model of the Earth
K SSKG2 a. Differentiate land and water features on simple maps and globes.
K SSKG2 b. Explain that maps and globes show a view from above.
K SSKG2 c. Explain that maps and globes show features in a smaller size.

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