Standards for ID

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Alignment to Standards for ID

1 1.S.1.2.1 Make observations, collect data, and use data.
1 1.S.2.1.1 Describe properties of objects.
2 2.S.1.2.1 Make observations, record and interpret data.
2 2.S.5.1.1 Compare and contrast man-made and natural environments.
3 3.S.1.2.1 Make observations, collect data and evaluate it.
4 4.S.1.2.1 Make and record observations then analyze and communicate the collected data.
4 4.S.1.6.3 Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather and display data.
K K.S.1.2.1 Make observations and collect data.
K K.S.3.2.1 Describe the difference between living and non-living things.

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