Standards for ID

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Alignment to Standards for ID

1 1.S.3.2.1 State that living things need food to survive.
1 1.SS.2.2.2 Identify the ways people modify their environment.
2 2.S.3.2.2 Discuss how animals are suited to live in different habitats.
3 3.S.3.2.1 Describe the energy needed for living systems to survive.
3 3.S.3.2.3 food chain that shows how organisms cooperate and compete in an ecosystem.
3 3.S.3.2.4 food web and explain how organisms both cooperate and compete in ecosystems.
4 4.S.3.1.3 Classify the five groups of vertebrates mammal, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish) based on characteristics.
5 5.S.4.1.1 Describe the interactions among the solid earth, oceans and atmosphere erosion, climate, tectonics and continental drift
5 5.S.5.1.1 Identify issues for environmental studies.
5 5.SS.2.2.1 Identify ways the land has been changed by people, technology, and natural forces.

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