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Alignment to Standards for MI

1 E.ES.01.11 Identify the sun as the most important source of heat which warms the land, air, and water of the Earth.
1 E.ES.01.12 Demonstrate the importance of sunlight and warmth in plant growth.
1 E.ES.E.1 the sun warms the land, air and water and helps plants grow.
1 E.SE.01.12 Describe how Earth materials contribute to the growth of plant and animal life.
4 E.ST.04.11 Identify common objects in the sky, such as the sun and the moon.
5 E.ST.M.1 Solar System- The sun is the central and largest body in our solar system. Earth is the third planet from the sun in a system that includes other planets and their moons, as well as smaller objects, such as asteroids and comets.

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