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Alignment to Standards for MI

1 E.ES.01.12 Demonstrate the importance of sunlight and warmth in plant growth.
1 E.ES.E.1 the sun warms the land, air and water and helps plants grow.
1 L.OL.E.2 Plants and animals have life cycles. Both plants and animals begin life and develop into adults, reproduce, and eventually die. The details of this life cycle are different for different organisms.
2 L.OL.02.14 Identify the needs of plants.
3 L.EV.03.11 characteristics and functions of observable parts in a variety of plants that allow them to live in their environment (for example: leaf shape, thorns, odor, color).
3 L.OL.03.31 Describe the function of the following plant parts: flower, stem, root and leaf.
3 L.OL.03.41 Classify plants on the basis of observable physical characteristics (roots, leaves, stems, and flowers).
K L.OL.00.11 Identify that living things have basic needs.

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