Standards for MN

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Alignment to Standards for MN

1 Recognize that animals need space, water, food, shelter and air.
K Observe and compare plants and animals.
K-3 K-3.V.A. demonstrate working knowledge of the cardinal directions.
K-3 K-3.V.A.1 use cardinal and intermediate directions to locate places.
K-3 K-3.V.A.2 use maps and globes to locate places referenced in stories and real life situations.
K-3 K-3.V.A.5 use the equator and poles as reference points to describe locations.
K-3 K-3.V.B. use maps and globes to locate people, places and things.
K-3 K-3.V.B.3 interpret simple maps using the map elements of title, direction, symbols, and a map key or legend.

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