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Alignment to Standards for NC

1 SC:1.E.1 Recognize the features and patterns of the earth/moon/sun system as observed from Earth.
1 SC:1.E.1.1 Recognize differences in the features of the day and night sky and apparent movement of objects across the sky as observed from Earth.
1 SC:1.E.1.2 Recognize patterns of observable changes in the Moonês appearance from day to day.
3 SC:3.E.1 the major components and patterns observed in the earth/moon/sun system.
3 SC:3.E.1.1 the earth is part of a system called the solar system that includes the sun (a star), planets, and many moons and the earth is the third planet from the sun in our solar system.
4 SC:4.E.1 Explain the causes of day and night and phases of the moon.
4 SC:4.E.1.2 Explain the monthly changes in the appearance of the moon, based on the moonês orbit around the Earth.

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