Standards for ND

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Alignment to Standards for ND

1 SS-1.1.1 Identify basic components of maps and globes (i.e., cardinal directions, map key, symbols)
1 SS-1.5.1 Identify Earthês geographical landforms (e.g., islands, mountains, plains, hills, bodies of water)
2 SS-2.1.2 Apply map skills (i.e., cardinal directions, map key, symbols) to read a simple map
2 SS-2.5.1 Identify North America, South America, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean on a map or globe
3 SS-3.1.1 Use labels, symbols, compass rose (i.e., intermediate directions), and legends to locate physical features on a map
4 SS-4.5.6 Describe ways geography has affected the development (development of transportation, communication, industry, and land use) of the state over time
K SS-K.1.1 Identify land and water on a map or globe

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