Standards for ND

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Alignment to Standards for ND

1 SC-1.6.1. Identify tools/inventions that impact the way we live
2 SC-2.5.5. Explain how the moon appears slightly different every day, but looks nearly the same every four weeks
3 SC-3.5.5. Explain how stars are like the Sun, but because they are at a great distance, they look like small points of light
4 SC-4.5.5. Identify components of our solar system (e.g., planets, moons, Sun)
4 SC-4.5.6. Identify tools that are used to study the universe (e.g., telescopes, space probes, satellites, space craft)
4 SC-4.7.2. ways in which science and technology have greatly improved human lives (e.g., food quality and quantity, transportation, h
5 SC-5.5.4. Identify the characteristics of the Earth (i.e., spherical in shape, orbits the Sun, rotates on tilted axis)
5 SC-5.5.5. Identify the objects in the sky that have predictable patterns of movement (e.g., sun, planets, moons, stars)
K SC-K.5.2. Identify objects (e.g., sun, birds, airplanes, moon) in the sky

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