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Alignment to Standards for NJ

2 5.3.2.B.3 Explain that most plants get water from soil through their roots and gather light through their leaves.
2 5.3.2.C.1 Describe the ways in which organisms interact with each other and their habitats in order to meet basic needs.
2 5.3.2.C.2 Identify the characteristics of a habitat that enable the habitat to support the growth of many different plants and animals.
2 5.4.2.C.1 Describe Earth materials using appropriate terms, such as hard, soft, dry, wet, heavy, and light.
2 5.4.2.G.3 Identify and categorize the basic needs of living organisms as they relate to the environment.
4 5.3.4.E.2 Evaluate similar populations in an ecosystem with regard to their ability to thrive and grow.
P 5.3.P.C.1 natural habitats provide for the basic needs of plants and animals with respect to shelter, food, water, air, and light (e.g., dig outside in the soil to investigate the kinds of animal life that live in and around the ground).
P 5.4.P.C.1 Explore and describe characteristics of and concepts about soil, rocks, water, and air.

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