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Alignment to Standards for NJ

2 5.2.2.A.1 Sort and describe objects based on the materials of which they are made and their physical properties.
2 5.4.2.G.4 Identify the natural resources used in the process of making various manufactured products.
4 5.4.4.C.2 Categorize unknown samples as either rocks or minerals.
P 5.2.P.A.1 Observe, manipulate, sort, and describe objects and materials (e.g., water, sand, clay, paint, glue, various types of blocks, collections of objects, simple household items that can be taken apart, or objects made of wood, metal, or cloth) in the classroo
P 5.4.P.C.1 Explore and describe characteristics of and concepts about soil, rocks, water, and air.

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